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It gets better... right? My toddler is always poorly!

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user1484173355 Wed 11-Jan-17 22:38:56

Hi fellow parents

Forgive the whine, but I need to vent to a large number of folk who may 'get it' when I say that I dread the call from nursery to say that my little one is poorly yet again, and can I come and get her. sigh

In the run up to Christmas, the call was once every week. My OH is a teacher and he can't take any time off during school term.

So, please, anyone, just tell me it gets better? Lie if you have to? She's been at nursery for a year and a bit and she hasn't even had Hand Foot & Mouth or Chickenpox yet, which fill me with dread... It's just bug after bug after bug.

I commute to my middle management job and I feel like I'm constantly letting everyone down when I have to drop everything and leave - my work mates, my boss, and most importantly my daughter, for worrying about all of the above when I should be focused on her.

She only goes 3 days a week and I feel like she recovers and gets better again when she's home with us, and then it just starts all over again.

And no, we can't afford a nanny and she really loves the nursery.

Any tips from mumsnetters? Good vitamins? Make her wear a mask on her face to keep germ free (kidding).

welshweasel Wed 11-Jan-17 22:40:33

Get her vaccinated against chicken pox?

Ilovewillow Wed 11-Jan-17 22:41:38

My daughter was like this but not bugs it was colds and coughs with her from starting nursery at 6 months until reception aged 4. I think she built up such a good immune system from it all she is rarely ill now and has only ever had one day off of school in 4 years. I strongly believe they do build up a resilience but it's a bit of a challenge to start with. You have my sympathy!

greenlizard Thu 12-Jan-17 04:50:11

I feel your pain and am going through the exact same thing- fever and conjunctivitis this time. I do think you need to share the responsibility of childcare with your DH when she is sick or is this a trade off for any time she is sick when he is on holiday?

My baby will be getting vaccinated against chicken pox as that took a whole week to cover with my son.

AlexTheBird Thu 12-Jan-17 09:02:53

Thank you all for your words of wisdom - and it's good to know I'm not the only one! She's definitely getting a chicken pox vaccine - quelle surprise we had to cancel our appt pre-xmas as she was, you guessed it, poorly.

After ten years in a job I used to love I'm actually looking for a new role closer to home as being an hour and a half away is just too much these days. So, equally dreading not passing my probation if I'm off tending to a poorly child every other week. Ho hum, the life of a parent I guess.
(Maybe I'll have to time it so I start in the summer holidays and then OH can take over! LOL. They'll think I'm a model employee!)

Thanks again! smile

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