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Is family counselling available thru GP?

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pinkrocker Fri 16-Dec-16 23:37:46

My 11DD and I aren't getting on. I'm so sad about it. I desperately love her and I'm sure she loves me, but, god it's hard right now.
She won't apologise for the countless mean things she does to her brother and is surly with me when I demand she apologises and stomps off slamming doors. I'm so bad for losing my rag and shouting after her and at her.
She's quiet at school in Y6 but at home she's confident.. and she looks at me like I'm shit on her shoe.
I know I am 100% to blame, because I'm studying full time, due to graduate in July so we can get off benefits and I can be proud to work for a living, I'm a single mum and their dad wont pay anything towards them (CMA utterly useless), so I've got major' terrifying money worries as well as everything. Our rent is due at the end of the month and I've only got a third saved and Christmas is coming and it's all so awful.
Every day I'm just waiting for our fighting to start. I hate myself for shouting at them.
That's why I wondered if family counselling might help?
Does anyone have any reading suggestions we could both do together? The atmosphere in our house is horrible. It's all my fault, but please help and advise me, I want my beautiful girl to grow up in a happy family.

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