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Summerdays2014 Wed 09-Nov-16 13:55:32

Hi all,

I think my 10 month old has chickenpox. Took him to walk in centre on Monday as he had a fever and slept all morning (unheard of for him) and just didn't seem 'right'. Was told he had the start of a fever and his tonsils were red so could be start of tonsillitis. Told to bring him back if any changes.

Tuesday he developed a rash around his mouth, under his chin and on his bottom, round his willy and on his forehead, was told it was his eczema flaring up due to dribble from sore throat. Then she said she could see some other small spots on his chest and wouldn't be surprised if it was chickenpox. This morning he has a few extra small red dots but I thought if it was pox it would be worse by now? He has s few under his armpits and on his hands.

How long did it take for your child to come out in spots? Did the have loads or just a few? I'm not sure what to do really. He seems much better in himself than on Monday, though we had an awful night with no sleep.

Guess I'm just looking for your experiences of chickenpox really.

Also, I know if it is, no playgroup etc, but can I go for a walk or to the shops?

Thanks in advance from a clueless first time mum.

Wolfiefan Wed 09-Nov-16 13:57:18

Don't go anywhere you could have contact with others. No shopping. I took Dd for a walk when she had CP but we are quite rural.
The spots can take a while to come out. Some get it badly and some get it quite mildly.

TeaBelle Wed 09-Nov-16 13:57:33

If it is chickenpox then please do not go anywhere with other people including the shops. Chickenpox is mild for most but can be extremely serious for certain people

Summerdays2014 Wed 09-Nov-16 14:05:56

Thanks both. Ok, if it's pox I'll be staying in. Haven't been anywhere apart from docs since Monday just in case.

Anyone else got any experience with how long spots took to come out, how many they got etc?

Thanks again.

SpeakNoWords Wed 09-Nov-16 15:02:25

When my two had chicken pox they had two or three spots initially and then within a day or so had more and more spots until they had a fair covering all over. Chicken pox spots do have a distinct blister to them, which then crust over roughly in the order they appeared.

Could it be hand foot and mouth?

Summerdays2014 Wed 09-Nov-16 15:25:05

Thanks speak. They said yesterday they didn't think it was hand foot and mouth. We don't have any blisters yet which is one reason I'm questioning the chicken pox. Apart from on the bits round his mouth which I was told was his ezsema not pox. These have blistered. The red spots on his leg seem to have gone down a bit as well.

I really thought it would be obvious and I'd know. Feel silly doing back to docs for a 3rd time... Especially as he seems OK in himself.

SpeakNoWords Wed 09-Nov-16 15:50:08

It could be a very mild case of chicken pox, with only a very few spots.

These were the first three spots on my then 3-week old (pic, hopefully).

NickyEds Wed 09-Nov-16 16:18:39

My ds had one spot when I put him down for a nap at 1pm and about 30 by bedtime. Dd, was only 11 months at the time and two days after ds got them hers arrived, one or two in the morning and hundreds by the evening- poor thing must have had 30 in her nappy sad. Ds has had hand foot and mouth too and it was different in that the spots appeared slower, were more localised (none in nappy), didn't itch and didn't scab over. I took them both out for a walk as we live in a semi rural village and wouldn't come into contact with anyone. Ds has had ever single bloody childhood illness going since he started pre school.. hand foot and mouth, slapped cheek, chicken pox, impetigo, d&v viruses........everything!

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