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Is this normal??

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Glitterbug83 Sun 23-Oct-16 20:55:09

Hi there,
I'm a first time mum with a 9 week old baby girl. Since she was born, my husband's sister has been asking repeatedly to babysit her overnight at her house if I am fed up. She has been asking since my baby was 4 weeks. I'm finding this very odd... She's only 9 weeks old? Why would I ever let anyone take my baby from me overnight at such a delicate stage? Granted I'm bottle feeding but still... I'm not fed up of her and I want her with me! I sent her a text today to say I appreciate her offer but I don't plan on letting her stay elsewhere overnight until she's older. Did I do right?

Swirlingasong Sun 23-Oct-16 21:10:29

Congratulations on your baby girl! It's perfectly normal to want to keep your baby with you and fine to let your SiL know this is what you want. However, plenty of people do find themselves needing a break at times and I think this is just her way of letting her know she will help you, which is lovely.

She has said, if I understand rightly, that she will have her if you are fed up, not just that she wants to have her at her house. Does your SiL have kids? If so, I expect she had times when she was utterly exhausted and would have loved someone to allow her to have just one night's sleep and so is offering you the help she needed (or found most useful).

Just appreciate that she wants to help and be involved with your little girl, thank her, and when the time comes, which it will, that you need some help of whatever kind, ask her and I'm sure she'll help.

Coconut0il Sun 23-Oct-16 21:17:52

You did the right thing. I understand the offers of help but I never understand why people can be so desperate to have other people's babies overnight. Just why?
You know the offer is there if you ever want to do it but I would've said exactly what you did. Enjoy your DD.

Glitterbug83 Sun 23-Oct-16 21:38:15

Swirlingasong, you're right in a way. But why not offer to babysit at mine? Like coconut0il says, why the need to take her to her place? She does indeed have 3 kids of her own but her husband passed away a while ago. Since I got married 8 years ago she's not really shown an interest in me and suddenly she wants my baby over. I ought to mention her kids are all in their teens and my sil was abused as a child...i just find it a bit alarming that someone would want to have my baby overnight when she's supposed to be bonding with me? Thank you very much for both your responses, I need all the advice I can get x

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