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I feel like a shit parent

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MrsOs Tue 18-Oct-16 21:44:39

I have a ds aged nearly 4, he is fiercy independent and can be a proper shit sometimes. I find that sometimes i just snap when he isnt doing as he is told, like if we are late for an appointment and he is being obstructive i will go off the deep end and have even smacked his bum. I feel so incredibly shit about it, its like i get so angry i cant stop myself flying into a rage, there is no stop button, even though in my head im saying stop, which makes no sense. I love him so much and dont want him to hate me. We have such a close bond that i feel im damaging it.

Life is so unbelievebly shit at the moment, my mum is terminally ill in hospital with motor neurone disease and its so tragic, im facing redundancy at work and am having to apply for my job on the most god awful application form that has taken literally weeks to write, my relationship with my husband is in the toilet and im dealing with my bitch of a sister who despite not working is piling more and more on me to do. So after another fun day i decided to go to waitrose and grab a coffee and maybe some bread for toast and son wanted to come and i was going to let him but then i realised that i had forgotten yet again to collect my thyroid pills and i just flipped and started shouting at him.. Its like it just suddenly gets all too much and i cant deal with it all but that doesnt mean i should take it out on him. I feel so shit!

Chinnygirl Tue 18-Oct-16 22:22:49

Oh dear, we always tend to take it out on the people we love most because they will forgive us. You sound very stressed with all that is happening at the moment. Maybe you could do with a good cry and a talk to a professional? That way you can get some of it out of your system.

You're not a bad person, just in a bad situation.

MrsOs Tue 18-Oct-16 22:25:34

I have cried alot! But its not helping.. Sadly

whatdayisittoday Wed 19-Oct-16 05:48:32

I think you need to go the gp and get referred for counselling. You have a lot to deal with and it's difficult. I have suffered depression and would shout at my children for little things when it got really bad. I like you would feel awful afterwards and it made my depression worse. Counselling helped me as did anti depressants.
You may not need medication but I would seek help!

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