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Breastfeeding roller coaster

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MummyForParadise Tue 18-Oct-16 14:56:50

Hi guys
I'm new to this and got this app so that I talk about my situation. My DS is currently asleep and can wake up any Minuit so I am typing as quick as possible so please excuse me for typos and spelling mistakes!

So as you can see in title, my Breastfeeding journey as been a roller coasters and there have been more downs than ups. My precious DS is 9 weeks old. Sine he was born I had a real hard time with breastfeeding and if I were to mention all the details then this thread would be pages long , so I'll summarise!

When he was born, he did not latch so at hospital, I was shown how to hand express colestorum and shown how to cup and syringe feed. We left hospital the next day, but DS did not drink any milk at home , not through breast , cup, syringe or even bottle (formula). After 24 hours of not drinking, we were admitted back into hospital for breastfeeding support. Hr finally drank from a bottle at 30 hours after birth. Numerous professional tried to help me to latch him on but nothing was working. So then the lactation consultant introduced expressing milk and I was able to feed him expressed milk through bottle. Then he had jaundice so I topped up with formula too.

We returned home the next day and he still had not latched on. So I expressed all the feeding and this happened for almost 77weeks. I also gave one bottle formula at night. Expressing milk was so hard, I was depressed and crying all the time. It was double work, expressing, filling bottles, feeding, sterilising... The worst bit was doing all that at night and also limiting going out because I had to come for expressing before my breasts get engorged! I was so depressed. Now I was fed up and really effecting my emotional relationship with my DS. Now I believe in God and I fully hearty prayed that my DS latches on, the next day at almost 7 weeks, my DS latched on! I was thrilled that I could finally nurse,

Then all the pain began, sore nipples like my nipples were brushed along a cheese grater! Also I developed mastitis. So dreadful I then wished he never latched on, but I managed to feed through the pain as my DS was happily latching on most of the time. I Went on numerous trips to gp and lactation consultants for encouragement and support regarding the pain. I applied loads of lanolin and then slowly the pain deceased. At. 8 and a half weeks I thought 'Wow it's getting better, I think I can exclusively nurse my DS, finally the hardship has come to an end'!

How wrong was I! I then went to my parents house and my DS was paying up again like his earl day. We were job so distressed that I fed him a bootle of formula for the first time in two weeks. My DS slept for. 5 hours straight but then during the night again he played up and I managed to get him on the breast after a lot of tugging and pulling. Then again this morning the same episode again!

Now my husband had dropped off my breast pump as I didnt bring it with me as I was so optimistic that he will nurse! So here I am back to stage one... Expressing! I don't know what to do.

Shall I carry on trying to latch? Express which was so depressing? Or just forget the boobs and do what makes me happy and go for formula?

I want to give my son the best like and mum would and have been sacralising my state of mind to fulfill his needs , but I can't go on this roller coaster anymore! Please give some advise, maybe I should carry on trying to latch and express milk in a bottle until he is 12 weeks because I heard breastfed babies settle then?

SilverLinings2014 Tue 18-Oct-16 22:14:38

Sorry you've had such a tough time. I know it's hard; I've been where you are. Only you can decide what to do re feeding but it's good that your thinking about your own wellbeing too.

If stopping is the right thing for your own health and wellbeing that's okay. If you want to carry on that's okay too.

This link might be helpful.

Be kind to yourself 💐

SilverLinings2014 Tue 18-Oct-16 22:16:26

You're. Even!

Brittanyspears Tue 18-Oct-16 23:37:54

Just to say i sympathise. Its so difficult and hard to know what to do. Sorry no advise but you sound like you have been doing a fantastic job!

seminakedinsomebodyelsesroom Wed 19-Oct-16 07:45:26

Has anyone suggested using a laid back breastfeeding approach? Not lying down, but lying back with baby on top of you? Info here

MrsNuckyThompson Wed 19-Oct-16 07:58:27

Has DS been checked for tongue tie? That is one of the most common reasons for severe pain and poor latch and is easily fixed. Ask for more breastfeeding support and get it checked.

Just to assure you - I had a nightmare starting out. TT which wasn't picked up, bad latch, mastitis the thrush. It was agony and I was so upset. It took until about 8 weeks for it all to be sorted. After that it all clicked into place though and I fed easily and happily til DS was 2!

You're doing fantastically well and good on you for keeping going. Hope you get the support you need!

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