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user1474048902 Fri 16-Sep-16 19:31:11

This is my first thread on here although i have used it for advice for years so......
On saturday my oh had a couple of friends over to watch the boxing, one bought their son who plays on a football team with my lb, quiet but seems nice dont know him too well though, anyway they asked if they could have a sleep over which we agreed to so they got in bed and we gave them some treats and what not they were a bit giddy (as we expected) and did do a bit of messing until my son fell asleep and a couple of hours later the other lb went home with dad as we had expected to happen!
Today i went in to my sons room to do some cleaning and put his smart tv on i put you tube on and noticed new searches....
Big boobs
Boobs and seks
Now i can see all my searches and my sons searches which are fifa, cantona etc from the past few weeks and my son isnt allowed youtube on after i heard some swearing in a voice over on a football match BUT i was ill and did agree to let them watch youtube on sat for a bit of peace and quiet!!
Now i think back the other lb was keen to get me out and laughing shutting the door behind me... No girls allowed that kind of thing!
Theyre only 6 and never did i think they would do anything like this!
Spoke to my son and he laughed at first at the boobies thing but when i tried to talk to him he got really upset saying i was making him sad, i tried to explain i wasnt cross i just wanted him to tell me if anybody shows him anything like that again.
Im now worried in case hes said anything at school to any of his friends.....
Ive also spoke to the other boys dad who understood but is a single dad and was very much of the lads are lads opinion.
Any advice on this is much appreciated

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