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Baby has been chewing a lead painted Russian doll .. Worried

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user1464795209 Wed 14-Sep-16 23:11:58

Help I'm freaking out! At my aunts house she is into antiques etc and gave Lo a Russian doll to hold and she ended up buying a bit of the paint off .. I took it off her and didn't think much of it and now I've stumbled across lead exposure .. And how most of the russiandolls are made from lead based paints and that even a spec disgusted will cause poisoning in babies that leads to developmental issues and serious health related consequences . Is this the case? Feel so bad now ! It was about 2 weeks ago It was bought over and she's been playing/ chewing it ever since .. Please advise me ladies worrying so much that the damage is done and I can't reverse it

BakeOffBiscuits Wed 14-Sep-16 23:16:59

I dont know anything about lead paint so can't be specific but I'd get an appointment with your dr ASAP.

I'm sure as she's only had it for a few weeks that she will be fine but best to get medical advice.

MrEBear Sun 18-Sep-16 09:57:03

I wouldn't think a tiny bit of lead paint is going to do any damage on its own. Its the cumulative issue with lead that causes issues. When you were growing up the air was full of lead from petrol (now unleaded), back in the day water pipes were commonly lead so people were drinking it as well as many paints containing lead.

There is nothing the you can do about it other than make sure she isn't near Aunties dolls again.

Orsono Sun 18-Sep-16 10:17:37

A quick look at the info online suggests that actual lead poisoning takes a while to build up, so a couple of weeks exposure would be unlikely to be enough to cause harm. Here's a reputable site that says this -

You may be able to test the paint for lead - you can buy testing kits.

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