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7 month DS teething pains...

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Lillylou1991 Sun 31-Jul-16 07:05:21

Hey all!

My DS has loved his food since day 1 of weaning, and now hes 7 months (nearly 8) hes all about putting his hands in his food and making a right mess of it all!
He has had his top tooth come through over the past week and it looks like 3 more are close behind and because of his hes in a lot of pain and totally gone off his food, unless hes able to grab it and chew it himself (i think it sooths his gums a bit as he controls where he chews it) however Im now at a loss of what to feed him because he will only eat with his hands and and if i try and spoon feed him he doesnt want it at all and literally covers his mouth with his arms.
What food would you make?
Also any teething pain advice other than teethers, gels and powders?

53rdAndBird Sun 31-Jul-16 07:15:17

Look at some BLW ideas for food he can eat with his hands if he wants to do that? Big pieces of cooked vegetable (sweet potato, broccoli) worked well here. They can manage most stuff if they can grab it, as long as it's not a choking hazard (things like uncooked apple or carrot than can snap into smaller hard chunks).

Or just let him make a mess with whatever he's eating now, if he's able to get it to his mouth! We used to have a piece of cut-up shower curtain under the high chair - made cleanup easier.

Calpol for the teething pain?

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