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Baby led weaning

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Turtlemeter Tue 12-Jul-16 21:54:55

Had been ongoing since Saturday (6 months) and he seems to have got it-everything is shoved in/towards his mouth. BUT he managed to gum off a reasonably big bit of chicken which I took out of his mouth-very nervous about choking.
Did anyone else have the same issue? I'm sure he'd actually be OK, but my nervousness is getting in the way! Is anyone further down the weaning process?

skankingpiglet Wed 13-Jul-16 17:09:22

DD1 is 25mo and we BLW-ed. It's really hard but as long as you've used common sense in the early days and not offered them raw carrot/apple etc, you kind of have to sit on your hands, hide the worry behind enthusiastic smiles, and let them get on with it. If they can't manage something they tend to gag and spit it out (or just spit it out).

If you are particularly nervous have you thought about going on a paediatric first aid course?

UniversalTruth Wed 13-Jul-16 20:49:12

I would shred the chicken into thin, easy to hold strips. Likewise for most foods tbh, especially if I thought a bit could break off. There are videos on YouTube of how to help a choking baby and how to recognise gagging (normal) v choking (dangerous).

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