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used car seat

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Trooperslane Sun 19-Jun-16 18:53:06

I am in the midst of Kondoing my house and am steeling myself to get rid of DDs outgrown stuff

(Have not been acting enough to do this so far because another little person should have been using them, but we had terrible news last year which means we lost that baby and it's near impossible we will have no2... Just for context).

This includes a car seat. I know all the warnings but is there anyone who would take it? It's genuinely in damages, less than 3 years old and I'd hate it to end up on landfill if it could help someone else.

I wouldn't have taken second hand so I'm a total hypocrite

Newtobecomingamum Sun 19-Jun-16 19:19:03

So sorry to read your post flowers
People do but second hand car seats and I have done previously. Lots of FB selling sites sell them and also eBay. I'm sure someone will be really appreciative to buy your car seat and not have to pay the expense of one brand new. X

Newtobecomingamum Sun 19-Jun-16 19:19:17


Trooperslane Sun 19-Jun-16 19:23:47

Not even looking for any cash, though I might ask for a nominal fee for my friend's wee boy's charity.

(Thank you for your flowers, been a tough year and had such great support would like to give something back if that doesn't sound too bokingly worthy)

Trooperslane Sun 19-Jun-16 19:24:51

no damages

Newtobecomingamum Sun 19-Jun-16 19:29:40

I have donated lots of children's clothes and toys to local charities that support families in need. I telephoned the local council who passed me on to a local charity that supported local families in need. Might be worth giving this a go? That's really kind of you X

WhyBird2k Sun 19-Jun-16 19:33:14

Hi I'm actually looking for a used car seat if you're looking for a buyer? So sorry to hear its been a tough time. Please PM me if you want to go down this route but no probs if not.

Trooperslane Sun 19-Jun-16 20:45:11

Will do why.

Caterina99 Mon 20-Jun-16 17:45:02

I'd buy one from family or friends, but not a stranger. Do you have anyone that you know, or a friend of a friend? As long as it's in date and not been in an accident then it's fine. The problem is trusting the person that tells you it's not been in an accident!

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