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FriendshipChangesYear 5

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eleanorrubysmummy Wed 11-May-16 18:51:39

Hi, jut found out that my DD aged 9 (youngest in class), an only chid, is struggling to cope with changes in friendship bases. Her "Best" friend is now not even playing with her at school, & has "so many friends she can't cope with them all" (her Mum's words). 2 girls she has grown up with are now a "bonded pair". My DD can be sulky, cries easily & wants it all her own way (my fault I know) but to hear she is unhappy hurts. Any hints/tips/advice so I can help her please?

pippistrelle Thu 12-May-16 10:10:15

Hello OP

What I would say is that things can change remarkably quickly when it comes to friendship issues in this age group, and I totally understand the wish to intervene and make it all better. But things might be all different from day to day.

You say that your daughter wants it all her own way (don't we all?!) but does this come across as bossiness to her peers? It's just that bossiness was a major reason to avoid someone when my daughter was at that stage. So, if you think that your daughter needs a bit of help establishing new friendships or help with not over-stepping any sort of boundary, you could ask her if there's someone she'd like to invite from school, and then do an activity with them so that you can make sure they're sharing decisions and activities. Something like baking or arts and craft, and you let them decide what to do but be on hand to intervene if there's any dispute, sulking or tearfulness.

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