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4 month growth spurt/sleep regression support!!

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MessyBun247 Sun 08-May-16 08:06:37

Anyone else??

My 15 week old DD has been feeding non-stop for the past week, multiple times an hour and every hour during the night. Also very restless at night, kicking legs, trying to roll (think practising new skills), so I'm not getting much sleep at all!

She naps as usual during the day as long as she's attached to my boob, if I try to put her down she wakes straight away.

So yeah, just exhausted mentally and physically sad and she's a total bottle refuser so can't even get an hours break.

MessyBun247 Sun 08-May-16 08:13:10

O forgot to add, lots of comfort sucking all night long and won't take a dummy. Sigh!
She also wants carried round all day when she's awake to look at everything. I know she's learning so much at the minute and can see changes in her development every day, it's just really relentless! Can't get anything done or 5 minutes peace.

Itsabeautifuldaytosavelives Sun 08-May-16 08:31:36

I could have written this, in the middle of it too! 20 weeks here, same things, kicking legs etc. She's also started to catch her toes with her hands so is constantly rolling about everywhere. Can't quite get herself over but getting there. My DD only naps on me/DH during the day and wakes when we try to put her down. Might try putting her down in our bed today and just lying with her, will see how she seems! Started to look to comfort suck on her bottles rather than drinking them but isn't too keen on a dummy, she looks for it a little more now though but doesn't really settle her any better ha!

I love seeing her learn new things but I can't wait til we get out the other end ha!
flowers and cake all round!

MessyBun247 Sun 08-May-16 09:32:31

Aw glad to hear I'm not the only one! It's really hard.

Is your DD teething at all yet?

They really do change so much so quickly at this stage, it's fascinating! Proper babies rather than squishy newborns smile would just love a solid couple of hours sleep at night!! She used to sleep 9-8, just waking at 2 and 5 for a quick feed then straight back to sleep. Hopefully we get back to that soon brew

KatyN Sun 08-May-16 10:57:12

I'm sharibg your pain ladies. Think it's teeth here as she is much more settled after a dose of Calpol but she spits it out half the time so still grumpy.
What I would give for a day in bed!!

MessyBun247 Mon 09-May-16 07:49:17

KatyN hopefully things get a bit easier for us soon!! Daydreaming about getting a decent nights sleep.

Plenty of brew today I think!

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