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Tips on clearing d+v bug once and for all

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Melbournemel Wed 27-Apr-16 12:12:22

Sorry if tmi but toddler ds has had diahrrea on and off for nearly 2 weeks now. He will have a few days of it, then a few days of no poo then back to diahrrea again. And now I've had it since last night too blush We've been doing strict handwashing, separate towels, loads of bleaching and dettol everywhere after changing nappies etc. Getting fed up with it now sad Any tips on getting rid of it once and for all are welcome!

starpatch Wed 27-Apr-16 13:35:35

Slightly different problem but we had repeat bouts every two weeks for 6months. It stopping coincided with using an infant probiotic so might be worth a try.

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