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Awful parent alert

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Melmummmh Fri 22-Apr-16 21:53:13

Do any of you parents share sweet and funny moments of your kids with family... ?

Well I was looking through my videos and found one that my 9 year old daughter had taken of herself doing a cartwheel and explaining the process in an American twang overwhelmed with joy I decided to send this video to my sister . My 9 year old later was looking through my phone and discovered I had sent it and had the mother of all tantrums just as her father ( my ex) rang the door bell. She told daddy what horrible mean mummy had done between sobs ( to be fair it was 8pm and she is also very tired)

He then gave me the look of disgust whilst comforting our daughter telling her he agrees with her and how horrible it was for me to do that and starts having a go at me .😮
I get that he walked in to our daughter having a melt down but did I really do something so wrong ??

Nan0second Fri 22-Apr-16 21:58:02

No you didn't.
Your ex is being a twat.
You may wish to apologise to your daughter for having sent a video without permission and state you will do so in future. However the tantrum and your ex's reaction are total overkill.

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