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Maternity Leave when working 2 jobs

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mammabear31 Mon 22-Feb-16 09:20:02

DH & I are starting to TTC DC2 soon (just waiting for the coil to come out!) and I'm trying to plan our finances for maternity leave. I work for the NHS and am planning on taking a year off, which I can afford to do. However I also work a second job as a carer for a close relative, and am planning on taking only 3 months maternity from that, as I won't get paid at all and they can't get anyone to cover while I am off; plus I can take the baby with me. The only thing I'm worried about is, am I allowed to do that? They are 2 seperate jobs paid by 2 different companies, but if I am on mat leave from 1 am I not allowed to work the other til I go back? Or would this be ok?

mammabear31 Mon 22-Feb-16 09:20:40

Sorry should have said - I've tried looking on the internet and have asked the boss of my 2nd job and they are none the wiser!

HelenF35 Mon 22-Feb-16 09:22:44

I'm pretty sue you aren't allowed to work and claim maternity pay at the same time. Self employed is ok but not paye work. That's the way I understand it anyway.

HelenF35 Mon 22-Feb-16 09:22:55

Sure not sue

mammabear31 Mon 22-Feb-16 09:58:57

That's what I thought, thank you Helen.

Gillian1980 Mon 22-Feb-16 14:04:30

No, I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to work at all while on maternity leave even if its for a different employer.

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