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Bad eating habits effected him?

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Saphwoodman Sat 23-Jan-16 23:10:22

I have a one year old son who refuses to eat healthy. I feel as though it's my fault as when I was pregnant I was silly, I had sereve nausea and because of that I could only eat what I wanted to eat with out being sick. Unfortunately that was usually fatty foods like pizza, crisps, chocolate etc. I rarely eat fruit at all, I would occasionally eat cereal, yoghurt and have some veg on the side of dinner but not a healthy eater at all. I'm with in my average weight range but I eat crap. I'm pregnant again and want to avoid making the same mistakes really so I'm trying hard to eat better. Do you think that how I ate during pregnancy has had an effect on what my son wants to eat? He refuses to touch fresh fruit or veg unless it's expensive fruits something like water melon or blackberries but won't go near the average apples and bananas! If I gave him a carrot or a bit of broccoli he spits it out. He is actually underweight as he's premature but I'm worrying he will gain it more in the future and go above average weight.

ODog Sun 24-Jan-16 06:58:18

I think it's pretty normal for toddlers to go through fussy periods. I tend to offer healthy-ish, balanced meals to my 1yo and if he eats it great and if not then I don't make a fuss., but don't offer an alternative. When I look at it over a week I'm usually surprised at how much and how well he has eaten. He has a multivitamin every day so I know he gets all his vitamins and minerals.

I eat a lot better now as I have eaten the same as my DS since weaning but during pregnancy I didn't eat great, not awful but certainly less fruit and veg than I do now, but I don't think it makes any difference. I'm also pregnant again and will probably do the same next time re weaning/meal times.

strawberrybubblegum Sun 24-Jan-16 07:00:08

I think that what you ate during pregnancy will affect his eating habits less than what he sees you eating now. They absorb and copy everything you do.

The general advice is to keep offering healthy foods (even if they keep refusing), share mealtimes with them and let them see you enjoying healthy foods (no need to point it out to them), and keep a relaxed low-pressure approach to what they eat.

Also obviously keep sugar to a minimum - snacks are part of their food intake, and can be the same kind of things you would give them for meals, so that it doesn't matter if they eat less at the meal because of the snack.

'Getting the little blighters to eat' is a great book.

Thefitfatty Sun 24-Jan-16 07:02:29

I ate the same things with both my DS and DD (junk, thanks to extreme morning sickness). I fed them both the same things, veg, whole grain pasta, salmon, chicken, fruit, etc. At 2 years of age DS decided he didn't like anything that was a fruit or veg (he went from snacking on pineapple and peas to refusing anything but cheese or pasta). He's 4 now and slowly starting to try new things (pediatrician says he's healthy and its normal), DD is 2.6 and will eat EVERYTHING, loves fruit and veg, etc. I think it's just the kid sometimes.

Soooosie Sun 24-Jan-16 07:10:04

I have 4 great eaters! I ate rubbish while pregnant with the first due to sickness. I had more sense while pregnant with the others. I learnt to cook healthy meals quickly.

What you wean him on to is important. At 1 he's only just started out and is developing his food palette. Aim for a ever changing wide variety of home made foods with sweet/processed foods once a week max. Yogurts should be Greek rather then rubbishy frubes

It's important he eats as much as he wants. No nagging. No pressure. If he doesn't want to eat that's fine. Don't offer alternatives or puddings. Don't fuss.

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