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poop stains

(16 Posts)
Danni88 Tue 19-Jan-16 22:54:36

What is with this illuminous yellow staining on ALL my babies vests!!! Jeez! Any tips on how to remove poo stains? People said just throw the stuff away, but it's literally 80% of her vests now shockhmm

hatters Tue 19-Jan-16 22:59:34


Good luck with that in January though...I've had a few hanging hopefully in front of window for a few days now and it's not working as well as in July.

That wasn't helpful, was it. Sorry!

LittleBearPad Tue 19-Jan-16 23:00:47

Bin them. She'll likely need a new size soon anyway. Maybe a different brand of nappy. They shouldn't leak that much.

sandyposy Tue 19-Jan-16 23:02:34

Wet clothes, rub stain with bar of soap, work at it a bit, like a sort of mini handwash, bung in machine, voila! Works best on wet stains but ok for dried in ones too.

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Tue 19-Jan-16 23:03:17

What does it matter really? She'll only poop on the new vests (voice of bitter experience)

Elledouble Tue 19-Jan-16 23:04:44

Leave to soak in water with a bit of biological washing liquid (working some into the stain works wonders too). Wash in non-bio afterwards if you prefer to use that for baby clothes. Never failed for me, and my boy had some epically squirty poos.

AuditAngel Tue 19-Jan-16 23:12:07

Soak in Vanish oxi action. Ariel also do stain removing powder.

You could try washing up liquid, rub in, leave to "digest" the stain, then wash as normal

BlueThursday Wed 20-Jan-16 08:15:27

My fail safe is quick hand wash in warm water with a regular bar of soap and then leave to soak in vanish until it's time to go in the machine

HippyPottyMouth Wed 20-Jan-16 08:23:20

Bar of soap and nail brush, soak in cold water, put magic vanish powder in washing machine. Sunshine afterwards if any residual staining. I never had to throw a vest away for poo. It was fruit that did for my baby's clothes.

Rosenwyn1985 Wed 20-Jan-16 10:07:02

If it's vests under things does it matter? No one can see and they'll soon be too small....

ODog Wed 20-Jan-16 13:06:43

Sunlight is the only thing that fully got those stains out.

Topsy34 Wed 20-Jan-16 13:13:00

Frost! Wash them and hang them out over night and through the day and the stain will go

Puddleducks123 Wed 20-Jan-16 20:30:10

Soak them in napisan. Only the very worst stains will survive.

lindsay982 Wed 20-Jan-16 20:31:58

I soak the stained items in vanish oxy action for a couple of hours, give them a scrub then stick them in a regular wash.

MissLanaBanana Wed 20-Jan-16 20:32:04


feeona123 Thu 21-Jan-16 23:08:00

I use a bit of liquid hand soap to wash it off then rub in a bit of liquid washing detergent, put in the wash and off it goes!

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