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LO 1st Birthday Ideas

(6 Posts)
MumToBe2015R Wed 13-Jan-16 13:01:18

LO is a summer baby so thinking what to do for his first birthday.

Any suggestions?

Don't no many kids, so thinking just do to a family thing, and we live in London x

PositivePete Thu 14-Jan-16 06:38:39

Nice late lunch out, it's your celebration after one year!!!

sugarplumfairy28 Thu 14-Jan-16 19:49:41

We took both of ours to the Zoo for their 1st birthday, but they were both very into animals at the time. We also had a little tea party, with DS was fine but for DD her 1st birthday was Easter Sunday and to be honest it was a little chaotic.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Thu 14-Jan-16 19:50:39

Aquarium went down very well with ours.

Scoopmuckdizzy Thu 14-Jan-16 19:54:55

We had a tea party at home with extended family for DS1- it was small but so stressful!

For DS2 we went for a lovely walk in the park and a pub lunch. Came home for cake and then DC napped while DH and I watched a film- it was a lovely relaxed day.

Normandy144 Thu 14-Jan-16 19:55:56

We were living overseas at the time with no close family nearby. Friends invited us to their holiday home for the weekend and we celebrated there. I baked a cake and we decorated with balloons. Our DD got to play all weekend with our friend's son who is the same age. It was nice and low key.

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