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Rude 8yr old son

(3 Posts)
Ekw1 Wed 06-Jan-16 13:46:05

Help, not sure how to handle this one. My son is having a hard time being remotely nice or polite to me or my husband.
He just answers back to everything, doesn't care, is rude, shouts and generally throws his weight around at home.
He's fantastic at school, popular, great reports, good at sport, and gets patted on the back for it all....but is just pretty awful at home, to downplay it! He loses his temper if he loses at games, kicks, shoves and just generally let's lose with horrible words like dick, you're all dumb. And then when told off he loses it even more by saying he's dumb, he's bad, he's the worst. It seems there is no winning.
What to do, please!?!

Bimsmum Wed 06-Jan-16 23:28:15

I really sympathise, soul destroying when they behave like that.

I really like Dr Laura Markham & receive regular emails from her. You can find her on her 'Aha! Parenting' website. If you search through her articles you may find something which strikes a chord.

Good luck. I hope others will have some helpful ideas for you.

Ekw1 Thu 07-Jan-16 05:54:59

Thankyou for that....loads of good stuff on there. Perhaps starting with myself maybe the key!!

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