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Moving DS (21 months) from cot to bed - any tips?!

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boopdoop Fri 25-Dec-15 21:52:12

My DS is a horrendous sleeper, only ever slept through 6 times in 21 months, and has now started putting his knee through the cot bars and even with cot bumpers he isn't stopping. So I think we need to change the cotbed from cot to bed... It's much earlier than I planned so not feeling quite ready (but that seems to usually be the case with big changes!!!)

Any tips or suggestions? Would love any advice of how to help this transition go as smoothly as possible! Thank you.

mommathatwearspink Fri 25-Dec-15 22:04:49

We transitioned DD (20 months) to her cot bed last weekend after we found her with one leg over the cot.
DD is quite a good sleeper and has slept through for a while so I think that has helped. First night was fine... she slept through, second night... she screamed the house down for 30 minutes at the stair gate. Since then she has been fine, although naps can be tricker if she's not tired.
I completely baby-proofed DD's bedroom and removed anything I thought would be a hazard or that I didn't want her playing with. We put a stair gate on DD's bedroom as I don't like the thought of her getting into other rooms in the night/morning whilst we are asleep. We didn't buy a cot guard and instead I have put cushions down next to her bed. We also made a big fuss about it being a 'big girl bed' and every morning we tell her how good it is that she has had a good night in her bed.
It's a big step and I wasn't sure I/she was ready for the transition but it's much safer than her falling out of her cot. Good luck!

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