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Disciplining just turned 2 year old

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Mikethenight2good Sat 28-Nov-15 13:10:01

I really need so help disciplining my just turned 2 year old boy. I can't get him to listen to me when he is naughty. When I tell him off I make sure I am firm & my voice is raised. I bend down to his level & make him look me in the eye. But he just laughs & continues to do the naughty thing he does. But when my husband does it, he is immediately sad, & acknowledges he understands, and it stops.

Today, whilst getting ready to go out & then on our return He kept hitting me & pulling my hair. I held his arms, I was at eye level & told him off. I ask him if he understands, he says, & then continued to hit me & pull my hair. It got steadily worse, so I put him in his cot for timeout, to which he climbed out & fell out off (first time this has happened).

Just talking to my mum, he has hit & pulled my mum hair too & he also laughed at her too. I have just found this out so a little mortified we didn't know at the time.

Can anyone help? Hubby work shifts so I tend to be on my own at the weekends with my son & days like today make me feel very lonely.

GentlyGentlyOhDear Sat 28-Nov-15 15:51:07

Two is still quite little, but I would persevere with the telling off and removing from situation. Is he doing it to provoke some attention? Would saying 'no' and then preventing him from doing it whilst not making eye contact or speaking to him work?
I often used distraction when my dd was around 18months - 2 years - so tell her not to do something and physically intervene, then quickly draw her attention to something else and move on.

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