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Surviving morning sickness, 3 young children, the summer holidays and a DH who works away...

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BeautifulLiar Sun 02-Aug-15 13:59:10

Ugh seriously. Someone help! It's a nightmare. I haven't left the house since Tuesday (although the DC have). I'm so ill and bored and down. I want the old independent me back!

Any tips? I'm about 9 weeks.

jellyjiggles Sun 02-Aug-15 14:08:43

I don't know how you do it! I had a ds and school run/work etc and had HG.

Things that helped me.
Sipping ice cold water
Sucking ice cubes/ice Lollies
Green apples
Lucozade a mouth full every hour on the hour, no more!
Sucking extra strong mints.
Eating small amounts when I could face it.
Getting as much rest as possible.
Fresh air.

As for feeding kids go for easy none smelly stuff. Sandwiches etc. Throw biscuits at them. Honestly it's survival and it's only for a few weeks.
Give dc away at every opportunity! grin

BeautifulLiar Sun 02-Aug-15 14:30:15

Thanks for replying - god knows why I've put myself through this torture again!

I've tried a few of your suggestions already, although the Lucozade made me want to die. And I normally love the stuff! NEED to get ice lollies - keep forgetting damn it!

The 6 year old has been feeding the others blush but I have definitely been giving them away as much as poss. Think people are starting to become suspicious now as I'm normally so independent!

Re the fresh air - just how? ai know I need to, but it's the thought of having to get myself ready, and the three kids, then fo out that puts me off. I can barely make it to the toilet.

There's an activity group tomorrow that I usually go to every week, it's only an hour 10-11 but I just don't think I can do it. Didn't manage last week, anyway!

Keep telling myself this is only temporary, soon I'll be full of energy and cleaning things I didn't even know we had, but when every minute feels like an hour it's so hard sad lots of self-pity there!

BeautifulLiar Sun 02-Aug-15 14:31:29

Oh and DH has hired his sister blush to do "general house keeping and looking after the kids 3-4 times a week". What should I ask her to do?! The whole place is a bombsite...

jellyjiggles Sun 02-Aug-15 18:14:32

Ask her to do anything smelly. For me it was the sink, fridge and bins. I could honestly smell them from the car sad

Rosieliveson Sun 02-Aug-15 18:31:22

You have my sympathy. 26 weeks with DS2 and I'm still sick every day hmm the real hyperemesis dropped off at about 14 weeks though.
My tips for feeling a bit better are ...

Mint imperials
Frozen grapes
Lemonade with lot of ice
Butterkist toffee (just one teeny piece at a time)
Lollipops can be quite good too but stick to lemon.

I've also head taking vitB can help.

I fed my DS stuff that didn't smell too much so it didn't set me off. Sandwiches, toasties, pasta and sauce, cold meats, cheese, olives, cucumber etc.
At my worst, DH would make a packed lunch for DS before he left for work so all I had to do was open some Tupperware and a yogurt!

Also, don't worry too much about activities for the DC. Colouring, DVDs, bathing toys, playing in the garden etc are all pretty easy and take minimal supervision.

Go easy on yourself. This will pass brew

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