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Present ideas for fab key worker

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LemonYellowSun Thu 23-Jul-15 16:44:55

My youngest is leaving preschool in August to go to school, and his key worker is brilliant. I want to get her something really nice as a thank you present, but dont want to get something like chocs or flowers as assume that is what they always get (but really have no idea).

Any teachers or nursery workers who can inspire me with something you got which you really treasured. Thanks

ch1134 Fri 24-Jul-15 07:23:41

I used to be a keyworker and liked getting toiletries or book tokens. Also loved wine and chocolates!

ch1134 Fri 24-Jul-15 07:26:22

PS. I never got anything I really treasured. I don't think the parents knew me well enough to choose. But if asked now I'd love a voucher to spend on my kindle. If they're not into books, maybe a cinema voucher, or depending on your budget, a voucher for a meal out?

MomWhereIsMy Fri 24-Jul-15 07:30:29

A hmade card with all the lovely thoughts, I've kept those and read through them when I think why am I working here!!! Someone once gave me a voucher for Costa coffee. One year I got a lovely glass candle holder which I still have on my fireplace. I don't tend to keep mugs or keyrings with special teacher on them after awhile, but that could be just me!

chandelierswinger Fri 24-Jul-15 07:30:36

I agree with the voucher thing. Some lovely ideas, which can suit different budgets.

I had the most amazing key worker who had looked after both DCs before she left for Mat leave, so I got her a pamper voucher.

LemonYellowSun Sun 26-Jul-15 17:43:17

A voucher is a good idea. Thanks

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