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feel like i'm slowly sinking :/ organisation tips please???

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mypigeonpair2015 Wed 15-Jul-15 09:52:48

I'm looking for some organisational tips and tricks or just some ideas as to how i can get more organised in general.

I'm a working mum of 2, DS 4yrs DD 6yrs. DS is due to start school in september, which is going to mean double the homework, double to uniforms, double the...well everything. I feel like i'm sinking at the moment in terms of hours in the day and there not being enough of them.

Mornings are awful, and the school run does often seem to be an actual RUN to school. I also find the time between getting in from school and bedtime so short when it comes to squeezing in dinner time, homework time, bath time and everything else time. Housework seems to get on top of me and everything just seems so stressful and kaotic most of the time, and i know that if something doesn't change, it will get worse.

What is your typical daily routine? how do you realisticly fit everything and still have time to yourself at the end of the day? Any tips or hacks for the morning/evening routine would also be massively appreciated??


Griffle Wed 15-Jul-15 10:08:51

Hey, I felt exactly the same but I only have one who is nearly 2, who doesn't go to nursery. I cannot compare the school runs/lack of time after school. Having close friends who seem to be domestic goddesses doesn't help. I was struggling so much with everything when I moved in by myself nearly a year ago.
All I want at the end of the day is 10mins to have a cuppa tea. So I created the time, even if DD has gone bed later than she normally does. Some days I literally have this 10 minutes and go bed myself.
I would put washing on over night, to hang/dry in the mornings. I try to squeeze in the cleaning when I can..bits and bobs here and there. After a year of living just me and my daughter I finally feel like I've got it under control.
But I'm also lucky to have my mum help out once or twice a month.
Sorry I cannot help further ..Hope this sinking feeling lifts soon smile

Meggymoodle Wed 15-Jul-15 10:10:05

What time do you get up? We do reading in the morning over breakfast and piano practice after breakfast but that's because my kids get up ridiculously early (generally 6.30 although we do not entertain parent-child conversation pre-7am!)

The slow cooker is my friend, particularly in the winter - stick something on in the morning and it's ready when you get home. Also, both your children (presuming you're in the UK) are entitled to free school meals, so make sure they have cooked at lunch time and then sometimes you can just do beans on toast or soup or whatever in the evening.

Uniforms - WAY easier than anything else. I can't wait until my DD starts school in September as a. there won't be this hideous "what am I going to wear" nonsense that starts at 7 and finishes at some point around 7.45 and b. they will both be dropped off in the same place.

Also, if you can afford it get a cleaner. It's been a life-saver.

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