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Man Flu

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hrpufnstuf Wed 13-May-15 12:01:24

Me and the baby (eight weeks old) have a cold - we are taking life gently but not falling apart. DH has the same cold, he has spent 24 hours in bed, taken the entire contents of our medicine cabinet and when he does appear he deserves an oscar for the full body shivering, he is clearly having a Near Death Experience!

Is it inevitable that my baby boy will catch this Man Flu approach to illness at some point, is it what boys/men do, or can I somehow teach him to respond appropriately? I am not unsympathetic to genuine illness at all, just get hugely frustrated with the over-acting/over-reacting (it happens every time DH has the slightest sniffle) especially as if the little one learns to do it, I am worried I will not know how unwell he really is. Or conversely if he learns not to go OTT like Dad, he may be more poorly than I realise...

Highlove Wed 13-May-15 22:32:52

Oh I've no idea at all what you do about your DS. But you have my total sympathy - my DH is just pathetic when he's ill and irritates the hell out of me. To the point where I simply have no sympathy whatsoever because it's so bloody annoying. Man up, ffs!

hrpufnstuf Thu 14-May-15 13:00:29

Glad it's not just me - any sympathy I have goes straight out the window when the over-acting starts! So far littl'un seems fairly stoic about things that hurt, so I will just hope he continues like that. I think maybe DH is going extra OTT this time because DS is getting all the attention generally - but frankly if there is a snotty unwell thing to be cossetted and cuddled at the moment, it isn't going to be him!

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