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First experience of D&V with baby. How often to feed after vomiting?

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Anticyclone Wed 07-Jan-15 19:42:16

Just returned from doctor with 4.5 month old who has D&V. He can't keep anything down for more than about 30 mins. He's ebf.

It's at the stage where about 15 mins after a feed, he'll start to cry and then 15 mins later bring up all his milk in a big vomit or two. The doc said we need to keep feeding him to keep him hydrated, as despite the vomiting some of the milk will be absorbed.

He's desperately tired, as unfortunately feeding means he will not be able to sleep until he vomits. So he's just vomited up a feed and I've let him go to sleep.

How soon should I wake him up to feed again considering it will mean he won't be able to sleep until he vomits again. But clearly we need to keep him hydrated, but he also needs to sleep!

We've been given sachets of the hydrating solution you dissolve in water (forgotten name) the so we'll try that too. But just don't know if it's dangerous leave him to sleep for too long...

Littlef00t Wed 07-Jan-15 20:41:32

My dd got d&v about 6 mo. The vomiting only lasted one day. I fed her as soon as she woke and again if she looked hungry and let her nap as long as she liked when she looked tired. Luckily by the evening she kept her last feed down so as short lived wasn't a problem.

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 07-Jan-15 20:52:50

Try reading this I found it useful when breastfeeding a baby with D&V.

Try to get 10ml per lb body weight in after each vomit if using dioralyte. The best way to do this is trickle into the cheek/back of the mouth 5ml every 5 minutes using an oral medicine syringe. Alternatively you can freeze it into lollies or ice cubes and give to him to suck. Flavouring it with a little juice helps.

Keep a close watch for signs of dehydration list here and if concerned then don't worry about getting him seen again.

Anticyclone Wed 07-Jan-15 21:05:00

Thanks very much for the replies.

He'll have been asleep coming up on 2 hours soon, so we're about to wake him and try to give hydration solution, and hope it stays down long enough.

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