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Disney for little girls...

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Queazy Mon 05-Jan-15 21:33:10

I was in a shop today on my lunch break in an area of SW London that is heaving with yummy mummies. One such yummy mummy, who did actually seem a lovely mummy btw, was having a debate with her child who I'm guessing was three or maybe four years old. Child wanted a Disney book in the charity shop and was begging for that one instead of one the mum had selected. She told her she could have anything but Disney, because Disney teaches girls to care about things that aren't important. Now I'm in agreement with that in part, but was naively a bit surprised. There are some tough and very strong women in Disney films. I felt a bit sad for the little girl, as I found Disney magical when I was growing up. I'm not bashing the mum, as I can appreciate she is trying to protect her child from poor gender stereotyping. Have others come across strong views such as this? I'm embarrassed that I watch Disney clips with my 16mo dd because she likes the tunes blush

Bellyrub1980 Tue 06-Jan-15 07:39:51

I grew up watching Disney and bloody loved it!! It certainly didn't turn me into a submissive, materialistic damsel in distress waiting for a prince to save her!!

And I agree with you, almost all of the more modern Disney female characters I can think of are strong and independent.

Plus the songs are lovely.

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