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first shoes

(9 Posts)
McKitten84 Mon 29-Dec-14 22:33:43

Just wanting some advice please. Ds is 16 months and been walking for 2 months now, going to get his first pair of shoes in a couple of weeks as we have a holiday where I feel comfortable for him to walk freely. Going to go to Clarkes, but do I have to book for the measurements and trying on and does anyone have any handy tips they could give me? Thank you x

afreshstartplease Tue 30-Dec-14 07:23:21

You shouldn't have to book no

Lots of people on here don't like clarks

Personally I've never had any problems with them

roofio87 Tue 30-Dec-14 07:24:26

You don't need to book, they usually have a little ticket machine that you take a ticket from so they know what order people arrived in!!

slightlyconfused85 Tue 30-Dec-14 07:26:15

You don't have to book. I got on fine with clarks shoes for DD and their service was fine. My advice from bitter personal experience is be careful with Velcro, small children are excellent at tAking Velcro shoes off and losing pair of extortionate shoes never to be found again....!

CountingThePennies Tue 30-Dec-14 07:31:39

Best to go during the week not during school holidays

afreshstartplease Tue 30-Dec-14 07:33:59

Agree about avoiding velcro!

GotToBeInItToWinIt Tue 30-Dec-14 07:36:20

We went to Clarks on Saturday for DD's first shoes, it was great. All very easy, decent selection of shoes, lovely sales assistant, no massive queue.

Fairylea Tue 30-Dec-14 07:40:38

I love clarks. Never had any problems with getting both my dcs shoes from there. The one random time we did have an issue (manufacturing fault) they exchanged without quibble and we didn't even have the receipt. Very good service.

I don't know why mumsnet often seems so anti clarks. I think they're great. .

wornoutbutstillwonderful Tue 30-Dec-14 07:53:57

When you go, look for yourself as well. They offer a "welcome to the family" offer where you get 20% off adults full price. Right now is a good time to go as sale is on. You also get a little photo taken.

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