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dd won't sleep in her own room

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K8eee Sun 28-Dec-14 22:38:28

dd is nearly 9 months old, we've just moved house and she's only just gone into her own room. The thing is that she just won't settle in her own room, she has woken every night so far since we've moved in, but the week previous she had a stinking cold and was/is still very clinging to dh or me. Any suggestions greatly appreciated

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 29-Dec-14 11:17:06

You've put her in a completely new and strange environment at exactly the time when nine month separation anxiety kicks in, unfortunately.

Do you spend any time with her in her room apart from bedtime? If not, you need to do so. Lots of playing, cuddles, laughing etc in her own room well outside of bedtime so that it becomes her safest, happiest place in the house and she's glad to be in there at the end of the day. Once you've done a lot of this (at least an hour a day for a couple of weeks) start popping in and out of the room during play sessions so she gets happy about being in there alone, but knows you'll always come back.

K8eee Tue 30-Dec-14 12:28:57

Good idea elphaba. She was a it better last night, pro ably doesn't help she's teething too sad

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