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2 year old asking for constant cuddles

(8 Posts)
Dizzywizz Tue 16-Dec-14 10:26:52

I feel awful asking this - as if I don't want to cuddle him! Of course I do but ds1 (2.4) is constantly asking me for cuddles to the point where this morning I could not leave the house without carrying him, he would not go in the pushchair or walk. Carrying is a problem for me as I have a really bad back.

If we are trying to do something I say I will cuddle for 10 seconds but then we have to stop, but then he clings to me and cries/screams. I have a new baby, 2 months old, which I guess this is to do with.

Any advice? Often he will happily play by himself - he doesn't normally want me to join in - but once he starts asking for cuddles he doesn't seem to stop, and it's always when we are about to do something. I hate telling him off when it started with wanting a cuddle, but he literally then won't let go of me!

flipflopsonfifthavenue Tue 16-Dec-14 12:44:53

My 2.5yo DS1 recently started crawling into my lap in bfing position saying "T mummy's baby". DS2 is 6wks so am sure it's linked to this. He'll also frequently refuse to walk and asked to be carried - esp when he sees DS2 in sling. When DS2 cries and I pick him up DS1 will often also cry and asked for a cuddle. Stupid, they ain't wink

Sounds normal and only advice is cuddle him back as often and for as long as possible as he clearly needs the reassurance right now. Won't last forever

Jojay Tue 16-Dec-14 12:48:46

My Ds is like this, except he's 31/2 with no younger sibling - he is a twin though and has 2 older brothers so does have to share my attention.

I try and cuddle him as much as possible, reassure etc but it drives me potty sometimes - he is constantly one step behind me and needs endless attention.

No answers here I'm afraid. I hope it's just a phase.......

Roonerspism Tue 16-Dec-14 12:52:28

My 2 year old is like this too. "Cuddle me" is said every ten minutes.

I love it and find it very endearing although not, as you say, when you are trying to do a school run or other must-do trip. Sometimes I just wheel out the buggy....

Dizzywizz Tue 16-Dec-14 14:54:59

Thanks for your answers. I suppose it's like anything with kids, just think that it's just a phase, soon it will be something else...

MyBaby1day Thu 18-Dec-14 06:49:06

Aawwwww, bless him!, that's beyond cute!! smile

Madjackmcvitae Thu 18-Dec-14 20:32:36

My 2 year old does this too at mo amount other things. Also has a 5 wheel old sister and older brother. I cuddle as much as I can as do other family members but sometimes I do have to do other things like washing, cooking, feeding baby. I'm at end of my tether to be honest. She actually gets more attention than the others and even when cuddling she's still crying cuddle. Feel like the worst mum in the world sad

debbriana Thu 18-Dec-14 23:15:07

It's funny how you are complaining about too much cuddles , yet I have literally just answered a post about somebody who's two year old does not give cuddles. They have tried everything.

He must be clingy.

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