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Streak of blood in nappy

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Lunaberry Tue 11-Nov-14 11:22:23

As the title said I've just changed DDs nappy and it was a good amount of what we call chicken korma. But then I noticed a tiny streak of bright red in it. I mean tiny probably about 2mm if that.
Sge had her 8week vaccination last weds was poorly the following day but back to herself at the weekend.
She's s bit snuffly in her nose but apart from that she's been all smiles this morning and sleeping well.
Am I right in thinking to wait and see what the next few nappies are like as it was such a small amount or should I be on the phone to the dr?
Don't really want to expose her to the bugs in drs unless have to!
Thanks x

noblegiraffe Tue 11-Nov-14 11:31:13

I wouldn't take her if it was once, it could be bloody snot she has swallowed or a tiny cut on her bum. Check her bum for cuts and put cream on if necessary. If it happens again, phone the doc, but also take a photo of the nappy so you can show exactly what you are taking about. Disgusting, but when my DD had the same, the docs appreciated it.

Lunaberry Tue 11-Nov-14 11:34:59

Thanks. She has got a few spots in between her bottom cheeks from using wipes yesterday when out and about (usually just use water and cotton wool) A couple were bleeding slightly so put sudocreme on.
Guess it could just be from them?
Will wait and monitor next few (that's what my instincts telling me and I'm a major worrier!)
Good tip about picture. Wasn't liking the idea of rooting in nappy bin!! X

BakingBunty Tue 11-Nov-14 20:23:11

I had exactly the same last week with 11 week old DD, but nappy was wet rather than dirty. I freaked and went straight to doc, who tested for UTI etc and said it was most likely urate crystals in her wee caused by it getting too concentrated (she had been sick in the night, and had just started sleeping for much longer stretches between feeds). Could it be that, do you think?

bumpitybumpbump Tue 11-Nov-14 20:28:29

Someone told me that baby girls can sometimes have a tiny menstrual bleed due to the levels of your hormones in their blood when they are born that stay in their system for a while. Nothing to worry about and very normal. I didn't check on doctor google but maybe ask your HV?

Lunaberry Thu 13-Nov-14 13:12:38

Thanks everyone. There wasn't any more so thinking it was maybe just from her sore bottom. Either way she's fine grin xx

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