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help! immunisation advice.

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kiwicatastrophe Mon 10-Nov-14 11:07:53

My son had his immunisations last at 13 months in our old gp surgery.

He's now 17 months and we have received an appt for new surgery for hib
and MMR

I just called the surgery to say I thought he had already had them and all the woman could say was that they had record of his 13 month ones and she didn't know what these were but to ask when we go for the appt.

basically she couldn't tell me if they are duplicate immunisations or ones he needs and hasn't had yet. She sounded like she couldn't be arsed looking. But I'd rather sort it out before the appt. I live in a village and I'm pregnant again.. The last thing I want is an unnecessary trip to the doctors. sorry if I sound mental. But when are the next imms after 13 months?

SecretSpy Mon 10-Nov-14 11:09:11

next ones AFAIK are the preschool boosters at 3ish. I would definitely double check

divingoffthebalcony Mon 10-Nov-14 11:14:58

Can you check his red book? That will tell you what he's had already. But I suspect they are calling you up for the 13 month immunisations he's already had.

IIRC the last lot of baby immunisations are scheduled for 13 months, and then there's nothing until the preschool booster.

Same thing happened to me as it goes. When we moved house my DD was summoned for her MMR, etc but she's already had it the year before at our previous surgery. I rang up and was told that I needed to bring the red book in for the practice nurse to see as proof, which I did. Came back several days later (I needed the book back because she was about to have her two year check) and it was still at reception, the nurse hadn't looked at it! But despite that they never sent any more letters.

minipie Mon 10-Nov-14 11:43:34

In my area they recommend the MMR booster at 18 months rather than at 3-4 years. I think there are a quite a few areas that do this now. So that could explain that one. Not sure about the others though.

Sidge Mon 10-Nov-14 12:57:01

There are no imms after 13 months until 3 years 4 months (the preschool boosters) except for the seasonal flu vaccine on offer to 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

It sounds like Child Health can't confirm that he has had his 13 month imms, so are calling you for them now. I'm a practice nurse and we get this a lot; child health seem to keep terrible records and it is they that call you for imms, not the practice itself.

Check his red book; if he's had 3 lots of baby jabs and then Hib/Men C, MMR and PCV at 13 months then he's all up to date. If you can show the imms page to the surgery (either in person or by photocopying it and sending it to them) then they can inform child health he's all up to date and you won't get called again until the preschool boosters are due.

The receptionist won't know what he's due and when; the schedule is complex and it's best to speak to the practice nurse.

blushingmare Mon 10-Nov-14 14:32:27

I had this when I changed area and registered with a new GP. They didn't have a record of DD having had the 13 month jabs. I had to take her red book into the new surgery and one of the nurses updated her records.

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