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School reports

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Willthisworknow Wed 02-Apr-14 16:06:00

Hi Son got his first school report. Parents evening tonight. He scored 3s on everything but the reports are v generic. Any teachers out there to tell me what I should be looking for? DH and I are both relatively intelligent folks, both got uni degrees but both had to work hard to get good results. Final bit is the most telling saying DS has got a good attitude and lovely boy, a pleasure to teach but do all teachers say this abuot their pupils? My biggest worry is he hangs back, seems older than his years (his drama teacher said she felt he acted older than primary 1) and has mainly 'girl' friends but seems to find it hard to make friends with boys (they're all a lot more boistrous than him). He often says he plays on his own which worries me but at the last teacher's evening, they said my son mixes well.

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