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What do u dress your baby in?

(31 Posts)
blondebaby111 Wed 26-Mar-14 11:52:23

I have a 10 week old and during the day if we are at home I just dress her in a sleep suit and put a different one on at nighttime. If we go out I then put on a nice little outfit. Just wondered Am I being lazy by doing this and not dressing her properly during the day. Also with summer coming up and warm nights what would u put your baby in during day and at night?? Xx

KatAndKit Wed 26-Mar-14 11:55:19

No you are not being lazy. A babygro is the ideal outfit for a non mobile baby! I even took mine out in sleepsuits at that age. In the hot part of the summer I just didn't use bedding for him. On the odd night it was really hot I put him to bed in just a vest.

cowbiscuits Wed 26-Mar-14 11:58:41

It's not lazy, it's what most of us do. A 10 week old is going to be most comfortable in a babygrow.

Incidentally. When I was little they were called babygrows, not sleepsuits, and they were just what babies wore. I think the term "sleepsuits" was invented by baby clothes shops to convince parents they are pyjamas and get them to spend money on lots of little outfits.

Most of summer I just dressed DS in less layers, he'd wear thin trousers and a t shirt or bodysuit. British summers are rarely very hot. During the heatwave he wore a short-sleeved body suit, or a little romper with short legs. Or when it was really hot, just a nappy.

FelixFelix Wed 26-Mar-14 12:02:11

My dd is 13 weeks and lives in babygrows! I dress her in a little outfit if we are going out anywhere, unless it's the doctors etc then it's just easier if she's in a babygrow.

She was bought a load of clothes when she was born but some outfits have only been worn once before she has grown out of them sad so I'm trying to make an effort to dress her in them more often so it's not a waste!

mumofboyo Wed 26-Mar-14 13:10:19

Not lazy at all!
Babygrows are easy to put on/take off and quick to wash/dry; this makes them ideal for the early weeks/months when babies wee, poo and vomit serveral times a day or was that just my dc?

When it gets warmer I'd just put on a babygrow without a vest - or indeed just a vest if they don't have eczema that causes them to scratch their skin as soon as it's exposed.

Thumbwitch Wed 26-Mar-14 13:11:45

Sounds fine to me and exactly what I used to do, up until both boys were about 6mo.

Norfolknway Wed 26-Mar-14 13:14:14

With my PFB DD I dressed her during the day. Now I have DS who is 5 mo and lives in baby gro's.

I just don't have the time, and they are super comfy, warm and easy to change. Bonus smile

SpoonfulOfJam Wed 26-Mar-14 13:59:13

Babygros. The only thing for a scratcher.

Koothrapanties Wed 26-Mar-14 14:16:06

Dd is nearly 6mo and at home lives in babygrows. When we go out I put her in proper clothes. I don't see the problem. She is super comfy and you don't have the gap in the middle you get with other clothes. I don't plan to change what I'm doing until she gets more mobile and needs her feet out.

MadameJ Wed 26-Mar-14 15:59:50

Dd is 9 months and still pretty much always in a babygrow, she is very mobile and clothes just seem to get in the way. She is comfortable which is all I'm concerned about!

lola88 Wed 26-Mar-14 16:01:25

I don't get DS dressed unless we are going out and he's 2! If his pj's get dirty he changes into new one or a onesie. I refuse to make more washing for myself I have enough already.

Bananapickle Wed 26-Mar-14 17:00:06

It's funny because I made a real effort with DD and got her dressed each day. I'm pregnant with no 2 and it's going to be babygrows all the way. Partly due to convenience and partly as they have their whole lives to wear proper clothes!

Wheresmysocks Wed 26-Mar-14 17:05:32

Dd is 7 weeks & I've started to put her in cute little outfits

There's quite a big gap between my dc & i think babygrows have really improved in the last 6 years.

Sid77 Wed 26-Mar-14 17:12:59

So true what cowbiscuits said! They were baby grows and are now sleep suits! A con to make us buy outfits... My 5month old is always in baby grows - so much more comfy for him.

CyberMuddle Wed 26-Mar-14 17:23:05

I have only bought babygrows and vests, and that is all DC will be wearing for the first few months, apart from special occasions. I might get a few skirts/pairs of trousers to put with short sleeved vests if it gets hot during the summer, but outfits are expensive, less comfy than babygrows, and they grow out of things so quickly that it's easier to just buy multipacks of the next size up when needed!

Christelle2207 Wed 26-Mar-14 17:25:21

Babygrows are just fine. I started putting ds in simple outfits over the winter just to be a bit warmer, but if we're not going out, at 8m he tends just to wear a babygrow + hoody or jumper, with a vest underneath

behindthetimes Wed 26-Mar-14 17:29:23

I didn't really do outfits, as babygrows seemed the most comfortable thing for a small baby. I found little stretchy trousers really useful for summer though, could be put with a long sleeve or short sleeve body suit depending how hot it is. Hot nights just a short sleeved sleep suit. Don't think it matters so long as they are comfy!

GingerMaman Thu 27-Mar-14 09:28:11

Babygrow until 6-7-8 months.

Then top and leggings/jeggings with dresses for the odd occasion.

cowbiscuits Thu 27-Mar-14 21:51:59

Actually, after a while, especially as DS got bigger and more wriggly, I realised I found soft comfy stretchy trousers, with a bodysuit underneath, were much easier than fiddling with all the poppers on babygrows. When he was really small I had a few of the trousers with feet in and they were good too but really hard to find.

MJP1 Thu 27-Mar-14 22:01:07

I miss baby grows my baby is now 13 months and I started dressing her I real clothes at about 12 months.

Pocket1 Thu 27-Mar-14 22:16:29

You're not being lazy. Baby grows see just so comfy and practical. I dressed dd in them till se was 5 months. Only since have I started to dress her - and she's mostly in long sleeved t-shirts and leggins (which is practically a baby grow anyway!).

At night time I put her in a grobag sleeping bag

They have different togs for summer/winter and they come with instructions as to what to dress baby with dependent on temperature. smile

Mrswellyboot Thu 27-Mar-14 22:22:10

Not lazy at all!

I prefer babygro's but because we got a lot of nice gifts, I dress him up. We go out everyday anyway.

When we get home, I either let him have a little air and take of nappy for a while or a babygro.

Comfort all the way

Mrswellyboot Thu 27-Mar-14 22:22:52


HumphreyCobbler Thu 27-Mar-14 22:27:45

Baby DS is six months and only ever worn a babygro. Now he is starting to eat actual food I may start using trousers and a top as it is easier to remove at a meal time.

I have never thought of them as sleepsuits. I can't be faffed with outfits on a non mobile baby.

ZuleikaD Fri 28-Mar-14 16:24:23

We don't do clothes until they're crawling, pretty much - so around 10m (DC3 has just gone into clothes at nearly a year). I've never seen the point of dressing babies in clothes - generally they hate being dressed and undressed and clothes are restrictive and pointless. Babygros all the way!

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