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I feel like DS is regressing!

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ZebraZeebra Fri 14-Feb-14 17:17:46

He's 15 months - weaning started at six months, has had a varied and full diet since then and has loved food from the get go. Very few issues apart fro allergies which we manage.

Around 14 months he night weaned himself and for about another we settled comfortably into a morning and bedtime breast feed. In the last week he's suddenly upped his breast feeds massively. Still non through the night but he has a pillow we use and four or five times a day, maybe even six, he gets the pillow and drags it over.

He has a lot of teeth coming through right now - about six that I can see breaking through - and he's just started walking. So I can see that maybe it's security or he's in pain but either way it's comfort? But I guess a part of me was enjoying the much reduced breast feeds and I don't want this to become the norm.

TheGreatHunt Fri 14-Feb-14 17:40:23

Yes it will be comfort. It will tail off again - my two were the same.

ikeaismylocal Fri 14-Feb-14 18:08:37

My ds was the same when he 1st learnt to walk. We visited a friend with a newborn baby and my big 10 month old was attached to my boobs the entire time, the tiny newborn fed like a newborn but ds fed like nothing I had experienced before.

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