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Resources eg books/websites to use as DS hits puberty and all that entails

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YourHandInMyHand Wed 12-Feb-14 11:19:01

DS is 9 but has already started getting a bit whiffy at times and has typed some innocent but worrying searches into the internet.

I would like to keep the lines of communication open about how his body will be changing, the truth about porn, how he can stay safe online, etc so I am looking for any helpful resources anyone can suggest or recommend be it books, websites, videos, etc. I don't want to do what my mum did which is hand me a book about basic body changes whilst mumbling and leave me to learn the rest myself.

I want conversations about self respect and respecting others, worries he may have, etc. DS has autism but is very verbal, a good reader, and attends mainstream school. Growing up is a source of anxiety for him so I want to help him with this tricky age as best I can.

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