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Could you please add to my list of must-haves for my yet-to-be born DC?

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1charlie1 Sat 16-Nov-13 19:50:17

Following on from my 'best vests for newborns' thread, I would so appreciate your ideas of what DH and I need to add to our current purchases for our DC (due in April, but will be a Winter baby, because we'll be in Oz by then. And in Melbourne, so it's chilly. Not as chilly as Winter here, but pretty darn cold all the same.)

We currently have:

2 x 1-2 month old popper long-sleeved vests

2 x 2-4 month old popper long-sleeved vests. I know this isn't enough vests, but have no idea of the amount needed for each age group, so stopped there until I'd sought advice from Mumsnet!

2 x slings (Kangas)

1 x Ergo baby carrier with newborn insert

12 x packets Waterwipes [they were £2.25 each from NCT, and are $7.58 from the only supermarket chain in Oz which sells them - so expensive in Oz! How long does a packet last, in general? Debating whether to get loads more to put in our shipping container...but again, not sure how many we need until the baby can go on to regular baby wipes?]

That's it so far! I guess we'll need a change mat, and a car seat (will be bought in Oz, as UK car seats are illegal to fit in Australian vehicles.) Going to try to be pram free, and see how that goes. But I have no idea the amount of basics we need, or how long babies take to grow out of things. I want to buy as much as possible in the UK, because Oz is great if you're earning dollars, but pretty dire if you're spending pounds, which we will be for at least a while. Any suggestions much appreciated!

ladygagoo Tue 03-Dec-13 21:20:44

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned these but Nelsons Teetha teething granules are fabulous, particularly from about 12 weeks when the teeth start moving around in their gums and they are forever chewing their fists. Totally homeopathic they cost roughly £5 for 24 sachets. My baby massage teacher recommended them and they were (and still are at 15 months) a godsend. For tiny babies you can stick a clean finger in their mouth to wet it then dab your finger in the powder and gently rub it into their gums. Really really helps to calm them down rather than medicate.
Sometimes boots do them 3for 2

Scrumptiousboy Thu 05-Dec-13 21:25:06

Very extensive lists, but my favourites have been:
Baby Bjorn bouncer - I could not have had a shower/lunch/tea without it, my LO still loves the sound of the shower and happily sits in it at 11m when I get ready in the mornings
Merino Kids sleeping bags - great for winter and summer and have handy wholes so can easily transport baby from car/carrier/home. They go from NB to 24M in single bag so you save in the long run any money you may have to pay extra to start with.
Bug in a rug fleece wraps - they do them also in extreme weather version, which I used this winter and was fine and they do a UV version for summer. Handy
Video monitor - once baba starts to sleep in a different room, I find it essential to keep an eye on him and helps me not to rush in to let him settle himself
GAP socks - my DS is mobile and they never come off. They are also at the same time not too tight, which I have found with many others brands
Sophie teething toy - the noise is a great distractor! And all babies love them
Teething dummy - RazBerry - you get them on Amazon
My smartphone - for shopping and keeping in touch with the outside world and all those photos/little videos
DVD box sets and my kindle - for when you we glued to the sofa feeding your baba
Slip on shoes - forget laces when you have small kids!
Tommee tippee essentials pack - the nose snot cleaner and nail clippers have been a life saver
Breast pump, pads, storage bags and calma bottles have meant that I've managed extra sleep when DH was able to look after baba
A nursing scarf - doesn't need to be a special scarf, but even if you don't mind feeding in public you may need it to get your baby to focus on feeding when they get to about 4 months.
I used the Munchkin microwave steriliser bags - handy and quick
Sterilising wipes (dettol or similar) for dirty surfaces - you won't believe the state of some changing tables - and hand wipes
Snack bars
Nappy cream

I'm sure there's more, but those come to mind now - over and above the vests and sleep suits. You may find that there is a local Facebook group for selling nearly new kids toys and clothes where you can bag a quality bargain - you can always post to say what you are looking for.

Congratulations! You've never known happiness like it

hazchem Sat 07-Dec-13 05:53:51

One final thing I'd really recommended getting in the UK is dental work! It's free while your pregnant and eye wateringly expensive in Australia. I love my consultant here but to see him is just shy of $300 and that isn't any work being done.

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