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Anyone any ideas??

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MadameJ Sun 10-Nov-13 09:03:12

Dd(20 weeks) sleeps beautifully as long as she can't get to her hands. She has been swaddled up until now but keeps breaking free!! Anyone know of anything I can do/buy to keep her from her wild hand sucking?

gretagrape Sun 10-Nov-13 19:30:36

Not sure you could buy anything to help with that, and I think it's recommended that you don't swaddle once they reach a certain age anyway. I think you'll have a hard time trying to contain her at this age as she will be developing so fast now that it will might start to upset her. My son had a phase of hand sucking, but he seemed to find it relaxing rather than stimulating.

How long has she been doing it? Does she have a comforter she could get used to instead? That would occupy her hands and hopefully make her sleepy at the same time. Is there anything that she has that seems to keep her calm -for example one of my son's toys has a big label sticking out and he used to stare at it and flick it for ages at a time and it would really relax him...weirdo!

MadameJ Mon 11-Nov-13 07:45:07

In the day she sucks her thumb but it seems to excite her which seems really random!! I think I will just have to put up with it until she hopefully grows out of it.

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