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When is it ok to leave them to drink unsupervised?

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Sleepybunny Wed 30-Oct-13 10:27:59

My almost 1 year old still wakes in the night for milk. It's at the same time most nights and the waking is not effected by increasing day time intake.

I figured it was habit, so I offered water in a bottle instead. She happily drinks the water and settles without needing milk.

However she can take the bottle herself whilst laying in the cot, have her drink and pop her dummy in without me helping. So I was wondering, if I left a small bottle of water in the cot with her at night, do you think this would be safe? I don't want to stop offering water as she seems to want/need it.


precious2 Wed 30-Oct-13 11:09:20

My 22 month old still drinks milk out of a bottle and is in his own room in a toddler bed he drinks it on his own fine and has done since he was about 10month old. She will be fine smile just listen out for her choking though just incase.

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