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When does skin to skin cease to work?

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AlfalfaMum Wed 10-Jul-13 00:03:16

I think that skin to skin works more for keeping warm rather than cooling down (this is just my opinion though). I know on hot nights I don't like anyone to touch me.
If he is feverish, I'd strip him down to nappy and maybe vest, sponge him down with a tepid flannel on his head, face and torso. Make sure he drinks plenty. You can also 'piggyback' calpol with neurofen when really needed by alternating doses every two hours. You probably already know all this though :-)

NoMoreWineForMeThen Tue 09-Jul-13 23:53:57

Is there a point at which skin to skin is no longer a way of regulating a baby's temperature?

DS is 14 months and is very hot this evening. I'm worried about him falling asleep on my chest in case I make him even more warm but equally wondered if maybe a bit of skin to skin could help him to cool down?

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