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Ideas on activities to keep toddler occupied during chickenpox

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PleaseDoNotAdjustYourSet Mon 01-Jul-13 05:51:54

Dc1 (19 months) has chickenpox and has been kept indoors since thurs, so today is the 5th day. The spots have started to dry up but are still itchy and red looking. I've been told to keep her in until at least Wed- Fri.

Dc1 is going out her mind indoors, we have resorted to ALOT of cbeebies , far far more tan usual (on a typical day we allow about 30 mins of cbeebies) since CP is hours a day.

We do sticking, colouring, laying tea/with toys, but she's so bored inside. Yesterday we had a picnic in the garden, to get some fresh air, but the garden is tiny, more like a big balcony and all gravel so she can't really stretch her legs.

Yesterday she was so distraught at the heat/being cooped up/itching that she kep dragging her pram out, sitting in it and sobbing ready mummy. I resorted to walking he up and down the deserted road, just to the end of the street and back for 5 mins. She cried when we bought her back in.

Any ideas on what to do to keep her occupied for the next few days?

Thank you

PleaseDoNotAdjustYourSet Mon 01-Jul-13 23:42:35

Great idea itried she does like tippin things out and putting them IMO containers again.

misty hope your dc enjoys the salt dough making!

KatyN Tue 02-Jul-13 10:08:00

I was going to suggest somewhere deserted (we played under a flyover when my boy had the CP).. but I might have MUCH better news for you.

Once all the spots have scabbed you are SAFE to go out. My nursery says 5 days from the spots appearing so I would say you can probably leave the hosue today!! yipee yipee.

And just so you don't worry, jack's scabs softened after a few days so I worried I'd been over zealous taking him out. but I checked with nursery and he was defo NOT contagious.

Get your shoes on and GET TO THE PARK!!!

Misty9 Tue 02-Jul-13 10:12:48

Hmm, well he refused to even touch it grin sigh. I tried.

Cornflake cakes tomorrow - he likes chocolate so surely he's got to get involved with this? <hopeful>

Hope you're getting more appreciation for your efforts!

PleaseDoNotAdjustYourSet Tue 02-Jul-13 16:03:35

It's now 6 days since the spots appeared and are all scabbed over so I'm taking her out for a walk when she wakes up....she's been sleeping since 12.30pm!

misty ah that's a shame re the salt dough, but something to try again in a few months hen he might really like it!

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