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Before I had kids I never understood...

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ellesabe Fri 31-May-13 10:28:20

...why it always took so bloody long for a family of four to get in/out of the car.

Surely you just put the kids in their seats and click the buckle in. Right?


Any more?

GoblinGranny Fri 31-May-13 14:36:35

'The immense love u feel for this little person'

Ohh, I'd forgotten that, it was so long ago. I mean I love my two immensely still, but when they were small, I was caught unawares by the sheer ferocity I could summon in the blink of an eye if I thought they were in danger.
And the strength.
Goblin the Disemboweller! grin

mummy2benji Fri 31-May-13 19:51:04

Why mums dragging round whiny tantrumming children in supermarkets seemed to do nothing to shut them up - and how could they ignore the poor heartbroken neglected little thing?? Now I understand they have simply lost the will to live, couldn't summon the energy to lick a postage stamp never mind control a small wild person kicking off, and sometimes tantrums are just best ignored anyway. Now I am that mum being judged for ignoring ds1 trailing after me down the aisle wailing - because he wasn't allowed to buy a two foot long Lightning McQueen.

Oh and yes to the fierce protective instincts and unconditional love you feel for the little terrors darling little things - I have never considered myself particularly brave and probably not brave enough to step in to help someone being mugged or leap into the road to rescue someone about to be hit by a car, but I would be the first to jump under a bus or offer up a kidney if needed for my kids.

worsestershiresauce Fri 31-May-13 20:06:14

I never understood how much I could love my baby, and really not care if she deprives me of sleep, ties me to the house, requires me to get my boobs out in public, screams if I try to shower or pee without her watching, and always has a meltdown the second I am about to eat a meal. I genuinely don't care about any of the downsides, I'm too busy feeling lucky that she is mine.

You may all be sick now.... grin

Sprite21 Fri 31-May-13 20:09:47

Why bedtime was such a big deal. Just put the baby in the bed and voila. Job done.

IsThatTrue Fri 31-May-13 20:12:32

I never understood people letting their dcs out in public in 'ensembles' that were 'eclectic', shall we say. Fast fwd a few years with me 8mo pregnant pushing a buggy with dd age 23 mo, around the woods on nov 2nd while she was dressed as a pumpkin hmm

And many others already mentioned.

nohalfmeasures Fri 31-May-13 20:13:38

Leaving the house??
Watch this!!

Sparklingbrook Fri 31-May-13 20:14:19

I never understood why people would have to change DC into their jim jams to drive them home after coming round here for the evening.

Whatalotofpiffle Fri 31-May-13 20:20:12

Why parents sometimes left children to cry
Why little girls wear pink from head to toe (try getting dd into anything else some days!)

Lala29 Fri 31-May-13 21:17:36

What do stay at home mums actually do all day and why on earth are they tired?!
Someone else mentioned leaving on the dot of 5 to get home from work. I mean we all stay if necessary, why can't they?!
Any many others already mentioned. Love this thread!

mel191187 Fri 31-May-13 21:28:24

Why parents let their children run riot and couldn't stick them in a buggy. Now I've got a tantrumy 2 year old I understand lol

Guitargirl Fri 31-May-13 21:37:25

Why parents would nod distractedly and say 'hmm mm' when their children were talking. I used to think 'just LISTEN to your child' blush.

I must admit I still don't get why it takes people so long to leave the house with small children. Have never had that with either of mine. My aunt used to say that it would take her until lunchtime to leave the house with my cousin when she was a baby. Still don't get that.

debbie1412 Fri 31-May-13 21:41:00

Why would you give in to your child's demand for junk food anyway !!! Your the parent... Parent..... So so naive !

bonzo77 Fri 31-May-13 21:41:05

Why one parent sits in the back seat with a baby while the other drives on the motor way. Always thought it was some kind of misogyny.

lola88 Fri 31-May-13 22:22:06

the joy of silence

ellesabe Fri 31-May-13 22:51:28

Guitar girl no I don't understand the problem with leaving the house in the morning either but didn't want to say in case I came across as smug

I never used to understand why parents would dress their kids in tacky clothes covered in Peppa/Dora/Minnie...

bran Fri 31-May-13 22:57:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kafri Sat 01-Jun-13 01:53:25

How mums just 'know' what to do from day 1. still not sure I know, just wing it some days and go to bed thankful he's still alive

GoodbyePorkPie Sat 01-Jun-13 02:04:48

How anyone could eat something that had been in a toddler's mouth. blush.

How anyone could understand what babies/toddlers were saying - I used to think it was amazing when a little kid said "bo!" and the mum/dad said "oh he wants a ride on the bus." Now I know the magical language!

MyShoofly Sat 01-Jun-13 02:21:34

Why my friends kitchen floors were all so grubby. Surely a quick vacuum would get rid of all the crumbs/dustbunnies/suspect crusty-looking detritus?


I didn't understand allowing kids to have toys and artwork in the living room and all over the place.....surely they should learn the whole house doesn't belong to them? hmm

lurcherlover Sat 01-Jun-13 02:51:51

Why mums of little babies moan about having no time to do housework. It's a tiny baby! It can't even walk!

Ha ha...

moreyear Sat 01-Jun-13 02:55:08

That I would actually get my toddler to vomit over me rather than all over the carpet during a vomiting bug so as to avoid cleaning the carpet for the 356th time.

Does that sound dreadful?

Notafoodbabyanymore Sat 01-Jun-13 08:04:49

How quickly they grow up. Everyone said it, and although I believed it, I didn't GET it.

Sparklingbrook Sat 01-Jun-13 08:09:53

Yes Not I recently gave birth and somehow he is 14 in a couple of weeks. shock

Stripedmum Sat 01-Jun-13 08:33:56

I understood NOTHING about life until I had a baby.

jetstar Sat 01-Jun-13 10:58:02

Great thread grin
I have too many to mention (loads mentioned here!) blush suffice to say I had NOT A CLUE before I had kids and the good thing is I am now much less judgey!

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