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Suddenly Sensitive (nearly) 3 year old

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wifey6 Wed 08-May-13 12:30:33

My DS1 is nearly 3 & is a wonderful little boy. He adapts well (got rid of bottle early, dummy, cot to bed & potty training without much fuss) but I have noticed the last few weeks he has become very sensitive & gets upset very easily.
I am 32 weeks with DS2 & we've had DS1 involved with us during all appointments etc
I'm worried the impending change is having an affect on him & if so, how can I make it easier for him.

quickchat Wed 08-May-13 21:51:39

I hope this isn't too harsh but I honestly think yes it's the talk of a new baby and the appointments.

At only 3 he can't understand what is really going on and the consequences surrounding a baby's arrival. It can't even be explained to him properly, not really.

I have 3 with 2.5 years between each. I didn't mention the baby until I had a very obvious 25+ bump and I kept it short and sweet.
They like to just know what the hell is going on with that huge belly and a nice easy explanation, short, and they are off playing again!
I find too much information for a tot is unsettling and confusing.

I noticed with my 3rd PG my DD was 2/2.5 and I adopted the same approach with her as I had done previously with my DS1 and she was fine.
My then 5 yr old DS1 was much more curious and needed a bit more info. He knew what was going on but I only talked about the baby if he asked me anything and again I kept it short and light hearted.

He was still out of sorts and almost nervous before the birth just because he knew more than his little DD and the thought of change just unsettled him.

On the arrival, DS was almost relieved and LOVED his lil bro. DD wanted me to send her new baby DS 'back to the hospital now' grin.
She hadn't realised he was here to stay! It took all of 2 weeks for her to get used to it and get over it and now she won't stop kissing him (now 8 months), if she can get near him with big DS obsessed with his little brother! Very cute.

Don't worry too much it all works out. Just try not to talk about it from now on unless he asks and good luck. Nothing better than watching your children interacting with each other, enjoy. x

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