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5mo with reflux, need advice on weaning.

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mummy2benji Thu 21-Feb-13 20:24:40

Yes I second the above that early weaning isn't necessarily a good idea for a baby with reflux - my ds (now 4) had severe silent reflux and I'm also a GP. Early weaning is only really advisable if baby is feeding a lot of milk, asking for more and still not satisfied. Big babies often find at 5 months that milk is just no longer enough for them. But early weaning isn't a cure for reflux, unfortunately. It can make some babies worse. Also, many babies just aren't ready to start weaning early and won't do very well if offered purees before 6 months. 6 months tends to be when most babies have the motor coordination to grab at food and learn to swallow solids. A lot of people get conflicting advice from health visitors and health care professionals regarding weaning, unfortunately, which I appreciate is confusing.

I tried to wean ds at 6 months. He initially tried a few purees, vomited, then refused to try anything else. He eventually started to eat some solids at 15 months of age, after I'd done 5 months of baby led weaning and offering foods which he spat out. He was very skinny at 15 months as he lived off only milk, and not a lot of that either, but he is now 4yo and while he has a pretty poor diet, he is fine weight-wise and developmentally and eats some foods well, and is trying (some) new things. We're getting there! In hindsight I was desperate to wean him as milk feeds were so awful - he just refused to drink and feeds consisted of 2 hours of him screaming and fighting me. I think I pushed him too hard with the weaning at 6 months and put him off. You have to tread oh so carefully with reflux babies who are afraid of feeding and be very patient.

With regard serving the purees - defrost them on the kitchen counter and prior to serving it rest the pot in a sink of hot water for a couple of minutes. It doesn't have to be really warm, but tepid is much preferable to most babies than cold veg - can't say I blame them! Hope that helps. x

Bakingtins Wed 20-Feb-13 19:08:10

Does he have any underlying food intolerances (CMPI for example)? Early weaning helps a third of refluxers but makes a third worse, particularly those with intolerances. Much support and advice available on the Little Refluxers website if she has internet access. A lot of CMPI babies react badly to baby rice, protein in it apparently similar to milk protein. Better to start with root veg. Fruits can be acidic and make reflux flare.
Our experience, already knew DS2 reacted to milk and soya. tried early weaning, it was a disaster, restarted after 6m with very slow introduction and baby led weaning (no purees) and went much better. By 2 yrs had outgrown intolerances, off all reflux meds and eats normally.

babyperks Wed 20-Feb-13 18:35:52

Just that really. I'm posting for my sister, her DS has silent reflux and has been advised by the HV to try weaning him. She went to a weaning session today but felt it wasn't very useful and come away none the wiser, if so more confused than before she went.

She's read online that babies aren't so keen on baby rice, so to it says to give them well boiled, pureed veg. Has anyone done this with their DC? If so, how did you both get on with it?

Also, due to lack of space she hasn't got a microwave. Would she be able to get the meal out in the morning and give it to him at room temperature, or does it need to be heated up?

Again, if anyone has got any advice or some tips, then they will be greatly appreciated. She's had quite a tough few months with it, so hoping that this is going to work!

TIA smile

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