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Our new place to chat about our beautiful toddlers! Where have our babies gone???

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KLou111 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:12:11

Another thread girls, can't believe we're here already!

lizandlulu Tue 11-Jun-13 18:43:11

Ohh yes abit like school shoes

Iwish Wed 12-Jun-13 20:16:51

Mmmm lemons!!! I'm sat here eating a fresh sliced lemon and god it's good!!

Love that second pair of shoes you got for euan choc! I went round 4 clarks shops looking for them but couldn't get them sad

How are you liz?

Started in my new office on Monday. It's a trek to get there, have to set off at 8am to get there for 9am.

Choccywoccydodah Wed 12-Jun-13 20:24:57

Love lemons iwish! My friends and family think I'm odd, although I couldn't eat a whole one lol! Is that your craving?
How're you feeling? Has the sickness gone?
That's a bit of a trek for you now. Still, not too long before you'll be off grin how long are you having off?

Iwish Wed 12-Jun-13 20:36:30

I normally hate lemons lol. I had one in a drink the other week and now I can't stop thinking about them haha!! Have just eaten a few slices but they are helping with the nausea. I still feel sick all day but I think it's not as bad, not a strong/intense.
I think I have hay fever. I've had a snotty bunged up nose for about 4 weeks and have been going through at least box of tissues a day blowing my nose.
Only 1 week 6 days till the scan eek!!
Yeh very true, will probably have 10 months off again.

How are you today? Have you done anything nice?

Choccywoccydodah Wed 12-Jun-13 21:17:40

Not a lot done today. We're house hunting so drove over to see a house to check out the area etc as even though it's the next town, it's not really one we visit. And we're concerned how busy the road it was on too. Turns out it's bloody lovely! Everything is there and within a 5 min walk. Leisure centre, kids playground, all the schools (primary, secondary and college!) morrisons, waitrose, loads of pubs, etc. it's perfect.
Going to look inside tomorrow, can't wait smile
Ours has been valued by 2 agents, 2 more coming in the morning so we may be on the market next week if we like this one tomorrow. Eek!
it'll be the garden that sells it to me grin

Choccywoccydodah Wed 12-Jun-13 21:18:51

Need work btw. The owners have died so very old fashioned.

Iwish Thu 13-Jun-13 19:54:35

That looks nice! Bloody huge and over twice the price of my house lol!! Would look fab with some decorating. Will you go for it?

Been out with my friend and her daughter today. We went swimming and had a fab time. Joshua had his float suit on and arm bands so he just floated around and kicked his legs to move. He did so well. Then when they were going home at tea time they gave each other a kiss and then went back for 4 more lol!!

Choccywoccydodah Fri 14-Jun-13 08:18:38

Aww clever boy Joshua!! It's all about the kissing smile

Went to see house, loved it, got that ah, thus is home feeling. We'd not seen upstairs yet and the agent opened the door to the garden and we went out there and Rob said so what do you think so far, and I said I love it. He smiled and said I knew you would.
The bedrooms are a nice size, my only concern is the rooms downstairs aren't very big. The kitchen is tiny, but would knock though to the dining room.
We'd already said about a conservatory, and next door had an orangery we could just see and it was beautiful.
The hall way is quite big, and even has a chimney! Theyve put a radiator over it, so we would prob reinstate it.
Still a little concerned about the road, but we went at 5.30 rush hour and it was busy for about 20 mins and that was it, so think we could handle that.

Prob is, ours has been valued, but because of the stamp duty threshold, its holding ours back, even though its worth 25-30k over, the agents said people won't pay it. We said we would pay half as it would pay us to do that than drop that much, but he said people tend to just look at prices and be put off.
Also a couple of agents said about 3 storey houses are becoming less popular, and people are going back to 2, which we totally understand.
There are ways around the stamp duty thing ie paying for 'fixtures and fittings' and estate agents fees to bump the price up so stamp duty doesn't kick in.
Thing is if we want this house, we're not really willing to wait to see if we get a higher price and then drop it, we'd need it sold asap. Arrrrrrrgghhh!!!!

Choccywoccydodah Fri 14-Jun-13 13:01:43

Offer in eek!

Choccywoccydodah Fri 14-Jun-13 19:24:55

Well, heard back from the agent about 2.30. Sounded positive. She said because it's in probate, the vendor said for us to represent our offer when we have sold ours and they will put forward our offer to the executors. She said she didn't want to put the offer forward, get everyone in agreement for us to then not sell which is fair enough.
The agent said that was really positive as they've never said that before, they've just said no.

Ours is having it's piccies done tomorrow morning. Not the best as we wanted to put a few plants and flowers in the garden as it's just grass, but the quicker we get it on the better. We can always get the photos changed smile

lizandlulu Fri 14-Jun-13 20:46:42

God all sounds complicated and hard work! But wow, that garden
Looks amazing!!! You could grow your own veg! Althought you can see it needs modernising, you can also see the potential it has! It would make a lovely home.

Mum and dad have sold their subject to contract. A gay couplefrom London have made an offer, even though they're not in a chain and have the money, the estate agents still say it will be 8-12 weeks which I think is ridiculous!! Their bungalow will be finished in 6-8 weeks tho so spose it will all work out in the end.

Any plans this weekend?

I have had a spray tan today after work, as a tester for next week, I'm having another next Friday and just wanted to see how it looked. Also having my lashes tinted!

Got no real plans for the weekend, it's my birthday Sunday, but Chris is going racing all weekend, so just me and kids, there is a carnival on in town so might take the kids to see that, stalls nd bit of a fair and that.

Iwish, lemons is quite a common craving isn't it! Nice and refreshing in this boiling weather were having, not!

Choccywoccydodah Fri 14-Jun-13 21:14:01

Glad they've finally sold Liz! Bet they're over the moon!
12 weeks is the absolute max these days, 8 weeks is nearer the norm, but if there's no chain I'd say 4-6 realistically. It's only really the searches that take the time. I've known friends to complete in 2 weeks, could have been quicker!

Going to some friends tomorrow (Eueys 'godparents') as they are meant to be having a BBQ as her sister is over from the states (Florida, lucky cow!) and having a bit of a party. It's an afternoon thing, but they've asked us to stay which will be good. Euan will be in with us though so we can't get too drunk! Looking forward to it, first thing we've done really for weeks!
Sunday, nothing really planned for Father's Day. I'll nip into see my dad tomorrow I think as then we're not in a rush or anything to get back Sunday. Might take my baby daddy out lol smile

lizandlulu Fri 14-Jun-13 21:16:33

Yes I know they have got to do surveys or whatever it is, but god, that's just stupid!

Have a nice time, I hope the westher is ok for you, it's given out showers all weekend here, it's been like April showers today

lizandlulu Mon 17-Jun-13 21:08:56

Bugger bugger bigger, violet keeps pulling her nappy off at night time. For a few weeks she's been taking her jams bottoms off, now she's decided to keep taking her nappy off. Luckily no accidents so far but npdont want to carry on like that. I might put her in pull ups at night. Make it more difficult to get off.
For weeks she's been talking about toilets and wanting to go and sit on them, but never actually doing anything.
Contrary child

Choccywoccydodah Tue 18-Jun-13 09:05:20

Oh no Liz! Thank goodness she hasn't had an accident!
Euan pulls at his, but can't get it off yet. We keep taking him to the loo with us, and thinks it's hilarious when he goes with rob lol.

Are you going to start potty training soon do you think? Dreading that! Although went to a party Saturday and another couple had a 3 year old (just last week) there, and he was done in 3 days! He was 2 1/2 though, so a bit older.

Well, our house was supposedly put on the market online yesterday, we can't find it! I know it takes a couple of days to upload to right move, but it isn't on the agents site either. FFS!
Been busy tidying things up ie edging the garden, hanging baskets, jet washing the balcony decking and stones (they were black, now a nice cream!) painted the 'pink bedroom' magnolia and put in a double bed and got rid of all the boxes that we just left in there from when we moved in! Got a bit of filling and finishing off to do today and lay some turf at the front and that's it. Won't want to move!

lizandlulu Tue 18-Jun-13 19:10:37

Wow you have been busy!!

I'm not sure about potty training. She's not ready, she walks about with no nappy on, sits on the potty. Then wees on the floor! I was hoping maybe this summer, but I can't see it now.

Choccywoccydodah Wed 19-Jun-13 07:48:14

Liz, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot, I hope you had a happy birthday at the weekend!!
What did you do in the end?
Lol at weeing on the floor smile

Where's that iwish gone? When's her scan?

Getting frustrated here. For sale board up yesterday, but STILL not on the internet! I emailed them last night asking what's going on, they took the piccies Saturday! They know we want a quick sale!

lizandlulu Wed 19-Jun-13 21:55:02

I think iwishs scan is any day now isn't it? Come on iwish, tell us!!

My birthday was boring with a capital b. walked into town with the kids, there was a carnival and fair on. Chris was racing all weekend, staying out, so just me and kids. But going to a spa with my friend on Sunday.

Is your house on the website yet? They take the piss and don't bloody hurry for no man!

Iwish Thu 20-Jun-13 18:03:59

Hey ladies. I'm here honest. I keep reading just haven't posted.

How are you both?

liz are you looking forward to your spa? Poor you having a rubbish birthday, hopefully the spa will make up for it.

klou have they put your house up?? Surely it's not that hard for them to put it up if they can get a bloody sign outside your house!!

Scan is on Tuesday. Can't bloody wait now. I'm dying to tell everyone. And you can tell now. People who know keep telling me I won't hide it much longer. Eek!

lizandlulu Thu 20-Jun-13 21:11:24

Ahh iwish we need some pics! We need to see! Put some on fb when you can?

WHat time of day is it on Tuesday? I am only going to be able to get on till Tuesday dinner time, then on off till late Saturday night

Iwish Fri 21-Jun-13 10:36:28

9:45am liz! I'm all excited. I won't put on FB till Wednesday so ill send you and choc and PM with a pic.

12 weeks today!!

lizandlulu Fri 21-Jun-13 18:41:52

Ohh yes please do. I'm so excited for you! 12 weeks has flown by, do you think it has? Are you feeling better?

I have a spa ay on Sunday. Then benidorm on Tuesday, god aren't I a terrible mother! According to my mum and dad I am. Chris has taken both kids to the super,pmarket and it's bliss to sit and have time to write this without kids climbing on me!

Iwish Fri 21-Jun-13 18:51:22

Yeh I'm feeling a bit better. The sick feeling isn't as intense now but still there. Can't wait to feel normal again hehe.

I would love to go to benidorm and a spa you naughty mummy!

Our friends are coming round soon but I'm bloody knackered lol!

Choccywoccydodah Fri 21-Jun-13 18:58:35

Eek not long iwish!!
I'll come back on FB when you have your scan. Soon excited for you!

Glad you've got some time out Liz, bet you can't wait til Tuesday!

Have just had some more fabulous news in the last hour. Some friends down the road have been trying for a baby since January 2011 and nada. Nothing wrong with either of them. She finished some fertility drugs in December and they were going to start ivf in may or this month. Anyway, she is pregnant!! Found out april the day after they'd been here for dinner and we'd had a couple of bottles of wine! They've just been round to tell us as they've just had their scan. And guess what?........IT'S TWINS!!! So over the moon for them both!! They're going to find out what they're having for practicality reasons really, and they'll find out at the next scan if they're identical or not. They were still in shock I think when they were here!
It's certainly baby year! She's due 30th December, but I thought twins normally were delivered at 37 weeks or around there?

Making me sooooooo frikkin broody!! Need to get this bloody house sold, as I'm sure once we're in a 'home for life' kind of place, we'll think about trying. Rob said the other day, you know if we move, we won't be able to afford another baby don't you (with a wicked glint in his eye!). I've not mentioned anything for weeks, so god knows where that came from, so he's obviously thinking about it lol.

All good here, finally house went on Wednesday afternoon, no phone calls though, gutted.

Euan ok, loads of words are coming, the 'ch' words are a fave (chav this morning!) Not liking the fact that I'm no longer mum though, I am now Kate!

lizandlulu Fri 21-Jun-13 19:27:51

Oh no! Does it upset you him calling you Kate. I think it would me. I know a couple of people who call their mums and dads by their first name and I find it odd that they do!

Wow twins is really good news! I agree ith finding out he sex in those circumstances, twins is shock enough!

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