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Unrealistic expectations at 16 weeks old?

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waterrat Mon 07-Jan-13 18:37:52

We didn't have any kind of regular routine until 6 months then it really fell into place. I would just aim for putting him down every couple of hours when he is tired - that will work out at roughly morning midday and late afternoon nap. Sometimes 4 naps in a day if they are not very long. The time they nap doesn't matter at this age I don't think - just as long as they sleep when they are tired.

Ameybee Mon 07-Jan-13 17:55:20

No she's not napped for a long time. I think sometimes his naps are shorter than they should be because he doesn't like being put down & until we've done some sleep training at 6 months.
Thanks for replying. Think we are in for a late one as he's asleep on me hmm x

ZuleikaD Mon 07-Jan-13 17:52:05

At 4m I'd expect three naps - around about 9ish, then after lunch at around 1ish and then another late afternoon - maybe 4.30ish. Does your 3yo still have naps?

Ameybee Mon 07-Jan-13 17:20:22

My DS Is almost 16 weeks and I'm getting my knickers in a twist about naps/feeds and routine.
Every day is different at mo - bedtime is different as are naps - time and duration. Night time sleep is pretty consistent in that he knows between 8pm ish to morning is for sleep. He's only been bottle fed for 2 weeks so I guess he's still getting into that.

Is this normal? Am I expecting too much? I have a DD 3 yrs so is stressing me out trying to fit naps etc round her too. sad

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