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Phone and ipod touch chat addiction

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Nancyfox Sun 06-Jan-13 15:27:50

My 11 year old daughter got a Blackberry for her birthday in November and now uses BBM. She also became interested in talking to her friends on a chat facility on her Ipod touch. It is becoming a total nightmare to the extent that I googled phone addiction to discover I am not the only parent with concerns. She has always been very well behaved and a lovely child but has now become sneaky, tells lies, gets hysterical when told to put her devices away and when it gets to the point that it is confiscated (as it has now) she feels sick, dizzy, bored, fed up and binge eats. She has never been allowed to take her devices to her room or use them at bedtime but it is clear that all of her friends seem to and their parents do not have a clue that they are not asleep as the Blackberry beeps into the early hours. We are keen to nip this problem in the bud but I wondered if any other parents have advice? We would prefer she managed the devices herself but she does not seem able to and after the initial protestation and withdrawal symptoms when they are taken away, she seems to be relieved that she can go back to normal.
Any advice?

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 07-Jan-13 21:50:47

Sorry Nancy have no advice. Our DS is coming upto that age and just wanted to watch the thread so I know what we are letting ourselves in for.

ledkr Mon 07-Jan-13 21:58:21

Can you encourage her to do other things? Hobbies or watching tv with you or take her for an evening swim or run?
I had 3 boys during the mega drive boom and though they loved them they all had hobbies they loved so were balanced. Dd1 is nearly eleven and has just had a touch for Xmas and has been a bit snappy and rude if it isn't charged or she can't use it but she is also busy with dancing homework and guides so there should be a balance. Is that worth a try?
I do know that a teens friends are literally the be all and end all though.

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