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2 week old.

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debbie1412 Sat 17-Nov-12 17:11:48

Hey all
Right dc2 2 weeks old, really struggling with tummy and showing signs of reflux and I'm praying not but may be the onset of colic but a 2 weeks who can really tell. Its def not any kind of intolerance because she we have many occasions where she'l feed and settle fine.
When she's awake I'm finding she's agitated if she's not latched to my breast. I'm demand feeding so letting her as and when but nxt wk my dp goes back to work and theirs no way my ds who is 2 will tolerate her fussing and wanting my breast for 3 hours like she's done today.
I think she's trying to self soothe her tummy pain with milk which is then causing reflux.
How do I know when she's had enough milk ?? And how do I distract her until nxt feed when all she does is root around fussing for more milk. I really can't sit for 3 hours putting her on and off I just havnt got that free time.
She takes ages to get her wind up thats causing a big part of the problem. currently using infacol and dentinox coilef.
Any advice on my diet dos and donts to make her life easier would also be appreciated.
I really don't remember my dc1 having these issues so although I'm a pro at breast feeding feeling abit lost on what to do with her.
Or is this all normal and I've just conviently forgotten ??

Loislane78 Sat 17-Nov-12 20:03:26

Hi Debbie

I'm not as experienced as some but my twopenneth below. You should repost on the breastfeeding thread as there are some gurus on there who will give you great advice smile

I'd get a sling as sounds v normal for 2 wk old to want to be permanently attached, for feeding and comfort. This way you can have them on you and still do other things. You could also try a dummy but that might have to wait until BF more established and tbh they need to be feeding v frequently to establish supply so you need advice on toddler distractions - if such things exist!! smile

Why do you think she has tummy issues? Lots of BF babies have v little wind, she might be agitated just because she wants the comfort of being on you. Otherwise, keep upright for a while after a feed to aid digestion. Some say to cut out dairy but not sure that's necessary yet in your case.

Re. getting enough: offer one breast, wind and then offer the other. My LO never takes the second one but I offer. Sure she'll let you know if she wants more smile

Congrats and good luck to you smile

Loislane78 Sat 17-Nov-12 21:06:07

Forgot to say the most obvious way of knowing they're getting enough besides demand feeding and weight gain is lots of wet/dirty (but esp wet) nappies.

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