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Anyone else struggle while your partner is away on business?

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Elpis Fri 12-Oct-12 15:15:47

DH is away about one week in every month, plus a short-haul trip of a couple of days or so. DD (3) misses him a lot. We now have a 2-week-old DS too. On top of that he works a 12h day when in London.

I'm on maternity leave which ought to make things easier, but in practice it means I have no childcare backup unless we go and stay with my in-laws, which would stop DD attending preschool on weekday mornings. (DH is usually back at weekends.) I am trying to find a reliable babysitter but can't afford to use one on a regular basis.

I realise we're lucky compared to service families, but I do find it hard, especially as I have a couple of health problems to deal with. Is there anyone out there in a similar situation who'd like a place to share/whinge/despair about it and swap tactics and advice? He's off to Atlanta in 10 days' time...

yummumto3girls Fri 12-Oct-12 16:14:11

You have my sympathy, DH not usually away but over the last few months seems to be a bit more regular. He's back tonight after 9 days away. Mine are older DD's, 11, 8 and 2. It's a real juggling act as they all have different places to be at different times, usually the little one would stay home with DH but now I have to drag her along to hockey tournaments, horse riding etc and she is not very cooperative so it's blooming hard work!

The routine is boring with no one to break it up and do the odd bath time or story. You single mothers really do have my sympathy because it's tortuous on your own!

As for coping strategies...less cooking and easier meals when DH not here, my kids are able to help out a lot more and a good rant!!!

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